WW 1 Street Fighting Method Paris Street Fighting


I want a streetfighting edge.

The Paris Street Fighting System used by both the Notorious Gangs and the Tiger Division of the Police that was sent to stop them.  This is the nearly extinct fighting art that ruled Paris during the Belle Epoque. From the street gangs to the special police unit to combat the gangs,  Savate D’Apache was without a question the dominating force. In fact, to save time here, you can look up the facts behind the Apaches of Paris 1874-1914 to get the full background.

Clugston Combat Systems is proud to announce  Savate D’Apache. This is part of our quick to use technology–no matter what your previous training and background is. And it’s straight to the point–this was NEVER a sport fighting method and it wasn’t some traditional based martial art.  This was a complete art that included grappling, weapons and striking. To cut to the chase, we decided to give you the real meat in this project.

We focused on just those techniques that the  best street fighters used.

And that will give you an edge. An added edge  in how easily you can integrate their techniques and tactics. In fact, just an hour a day of training and within a week you will have a whole new level–a whole new edge–for street fighting.

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