Fluent Fighting: Clugston Combat Systems

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Providing Civilians & Military the finest training in Close Conflict Resolution

4 Reasons we are your best answer to defeating violence 

  • Proven  on 5 continents 
  • Proven in Cities & Jungles 
  • Proven in Ring &War 
  • Proven for 23 years

Stop, you’re doing it wrong! Maybe you like to do sports that pretend to handle violence. If you do, answer this question:  does your sport include sticks, & knives, and take place in snow, in mud, or on concrete with 2 people attacking you? If not you’re not ready.  Look, we won’t lie to you and say the ring, cage or mats prepare you for “it,”  Real Violence.  

Why do  our clients come to us? They want, they need to be able to protect their family and themselves.

Are your needs the same? 

  • need NOT to be victim of another senseless killing
  • need to be able to protect the family from violence
  • need  the skills to protect yourself
  • need to be treated as a mature adult and not a kid in a  “kiddie martial arts school” concerned with daycare, trophies and belt testing, but not Intense Violence

We specialize in the one constant human warfare encounter from the Stone Age to the Drone Age, it has been part of every conflict you can think of, it’s never going away–Personal Violence.


  Stop, You Need to Survive, fill out the form.


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 This is defense.