Learn how to beat violence and win fights

Learn How to Win fights with Fluent Fighting: Clugston Combat Systems….


Don’t you want to win fights easily and protect your family? 

  Imagine what it’s like to 

  • protect your family from senseless violence
  • gain skills to protect yourself from being a victim 
  • be treated as a mature adult and not a kid in a  “kiddie martial arts school”

We’ll teach you how to  handle the one constant from the Stone Age to the Drone Age: Extreme Personal Violence. And we’ll teach you how to easily do it.

Since  You know MMA and local martial arts’ schools are a waste of time

Remember, experts in real fighting, self defense, self protection will tell you that  MMA. or  martial arts classes are a waste of your time and money. You need something new and stronger  if you  want true self protection against mobs, criminals, and  modern day psychopaths.

You can count on our training because we’re

  • Proven  on 5 continents for 24 years
  • Proven in Cities & Jungles 
  • Proven in Ring &War 
  • Proven by people just like you

  Stop, get your self protection, fill out the form.


Don’t turn down serious self protection skills

WAIT, question for martial artists about your future– Maybe you like to do sport martial arts. If you do, answer this question:  does your sport include sticks, & knives, and take place in snow, in mud, or on concrete with 2 people attacking you? If not  it’s a waste of time–you’re future is not secure.  Look, we won’t lie to you  the ring, cage or mats do not prepare you for  Real Violence.











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