Clugston Combat Systems History DVD

How can one single DVD

attract so many Haters?

One man has gone beyond Bruce Lee to become the most controversial man of modern Martial Arts´ history. And he´s about to anger every Martial Artist who doesn´t have what it takes to accept the truth..

Dear Reader,

Look this is no hype. Christophe Clugston has become the most controversial and notorious man in Modern Martial Arts´ history.

And why is that?

Well, Number One: He’s no ordinary Martial Artist he is a Combat Artist. Point blank, he set Martial Artists scrambling when he released Combat JKD in 1995. The JKD Community was left trying to come to terms with the most colossal dump of information since the Tao of JKD. Unable to take in all of this incredibly important material, their best reaction was to simply call him arrogant and cocky (funny how others had said the same thing about Bruce Lee). And Combat Jeet Kune Do was just the beginning. He then moved on and destroyed even more sacred ground when he released Comhrac Bas (the most profound and misunderstood Art of modern times). With Comhrac Bas he offered a new message to the Martial Arts World: quit looking to the Orient for all the answers. He broke all the boundaries when he told the Martial Arts Community to give up their Tradition Bound Training for something far more powerful. I´ll tell you what that is in a moment, but first a…

WARNING: This information is only for those with the guts to learn the truth…

Point Number Two.

You see there are plenty of self defense and physical conditioning experts out there now–well at least they are experts if you listen to what they say. Let me tell you something, not even half of these guys were around back when Christophe burst on to the scene in 1994 and they sure didn´t have his qualifications (at that time he had fought professionally for 8 years obtained various titles and World Ranking, bounced in some of the worst slug fest bars in the USA, worked High Risk Security at the Olympic Games, provided personal protection to celebs, trained several successful athletes, and was the youngest and best student of the legendary Combat JKD instructor, Mike Sanlin.) And every bit of this one of a kind background produced life saving self defense solutions like the Pop Up and the Wedge.

¨Christophe pioneered world breaking technologies in Self Defense¨ L Horzman, USA

And here´s the secret, he replaced the tired, old out dated tradition based training with hard cold science that was based strictly on Results and Performance. It was a Radical change and it saved not only time, money, and energy it also saved lives. Additionally it worked for the normal man and normal woman–he had clearly gone far beyond Bruce Lee´s for athletes only JKD.

In the wake of these incredible self empowerment tools, some quickly realized that he was indeed far more than just arrogant and cocky he was, in fact, a Mozart of Self Defense. Point Number Three.

¨Christophe is the Mozart of fighting and self-defense¨ M. Gallant, Panama

With acclaim of this magnitude comes those few people who just can´t face giving up their own fantasies. You know the type—like those who stalk celebrities because they will never be capable of the same sort of accomplishments. .

Let´s face it, they were just plain jealous of this new Mozart. No matter how they tried they would never be able to give the World the same incredible power of life altering technologies, as Clugston had. Powerless to help others, they launched a campaign of misinformation. You see these cyber stalkers (who hid behind the internet) sought to gain a reputation for detracting. These cowards were sadly confused. While they waged their school boy assaults Christophe continued to innovate, create and evolve. While they debated his linguistic abilities (the same abilities that have allowed him to give personal training in 9 countries and in 3 languages) he developed such cutting edge tools as No Fault Learning, Time Condensed Teaching, etc. He had truly pushed the envelope like no other man in Modern Martial Arts.

This leads to Point Number Four,

¨Christophe has literally re-defined the world of REAL SELF DEFENSE.¨ B. Cole, USA

And now he´s going to prove it again. What´s it all about? Well Christophe is just so sick and tired of the gross misconceptions, bald faced lies and jealousy from various Martial Arts Circles he has decided to give you what no one else can…the Answers, the REAL ANSWERS about COMBAT SCIENCE.

He feels so strongly about getting the Real Answers out to YOU that he did something that none of these cyber cowards would ever do: he has paid for you to learn. Yeah, you read that right…he has PAID for you to lean. Take a moment to think about how rare that is. Personally here´s how I feel about it: I mean when an A CLASS professional fighter who has fought on three continents is willing to put his own hard fought for cash on the line so that you can have the TRUTH, you´d better listen. At least the smart ones will. I know I am.

And let´s get real, unless thousands and thousands of these DVDs are sold this entire project is the biggest gift in Modern Martial Arts´ history. The time, production, editing, and advertising costs have been a personal burden to Christophe (not to mention his sacrifices in the ring, street, and third world hell holes to bring you the REAL ANSWERS).. So why did he do it?

Simple, he just knew that there would be nowhere for the haters to hide once this DVD was made public. He would leave the closed minded haters nowhere to go when this astonishing information was revealed.

I agreed that he should let this information out, but I asked him to limit it to just the truly hard core, honest, long time students. He said something truly amazing, he said no! He wanted it out so that even the cyber coward skeptics could learn, if they were smart enough to take advantage of this material.

Okay, I can understand that. So, I said okay but you got to get back some of the energy, time, and money you´ve put into learning these REAL ANSWERS. He agreed that was the way he should look at, but for right now he wanted no excuses from anyone and he was going to make it as easy to get as possible. It would be a gift.. WHAT? Had Christophe gone crazy? He has already given people life saving technologies for next to nothing (and the testimonials have come in from around the World since 1995 saying that he has saved life after life and given confidence to those that had none before). Come on, tell me the truth what would you pay to save your own life or the lives of your loved ones?

But, let me tell you, Christophe is hard to get off track once his mind is locked in on something. It´s probably what´s allowed him to win fights on three continents.
And I lost that discussion with Christophe. He insisted that there would be no excuses for anyone who had any question about him or his amazing Comhrac Bas cutting edge methods.

And I agree. At this ridiculous low price, I´ll tell you what it is in a minute, everyone can finally get the real ¨scoop¨ on the World´s best Self Defense Technology.

And I´m going to give you a short list of what Christophe explains:

·Why nearly every JKD person can´t understand Bruce Lee´s words.

·Why you can´t understand Einstein, Mozart, or Tesla

·The absolute POWER from one small change and how Dinosaurs died because of it.

·How being a slave to patterned answers can kill you.

·What the World´s Best Survival Experts know that has validated every single bit of Clugston Combat Systems to the core? (Get this, it´s so important that it literally means the difference between life and death.)
·Why relying on Attributes is the biggest lie that JKD instructors have fed to the ¨normal man and woman¨.

·Why MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans try to confuse you on what is self defense and what is sport fighting.

Finally, the real differences between Sport Fighting and self-defense that only a professional fighter who has fought on THREE CONTINENTS can explain in detail. How many of the so called ¨experts¨ have fought on three continents?

Clugston sets the record straight.

·Christophe even explains the entire misunderstood Roman Gladiator heritage.

·He explains the superiority of Occidental Paradigms.

·He reveals the reality about who were better Swords Men than the fabled Musashi (author of the Book of 5 Rings). And why you know nothing about these masters of the blade …until now.

·He explains the faulty logic of lineage and how Einstein never fell for this faulty logic.

·He explains the most common mistake the cyber stalkers make—that´s right he explains exactly what Combat Science is and what the name REALLY means. This answer alone means you can tell who ¨gets it¨ and who doesn´t.

You see this DVD is all about the REAL ANSWERS. It´s not about guesses, half baked ideas, agendas, poor education, name calling attacks, and overall low thinking that the cyber cowards have tried to plaster all over the internet.

¨Christophe is the greatest teacher about fighting and life that I´ve ever met.¨ J. Rebo, USA

The Cyber Jealous can continue their lies because Christophe knows that they are just far too stupid to realize the importance of this information—but that´s okay. You see, you will be part of the elite…one of those who really gets it…and who really UNDERSTANDS. And that´s just the way Christophe wants it.

Christophe guarantees this DVD will connect the dots for those who´ve been using the technologies. It´ll be an Eurkea experience so powerful that you´ll feel like a blind man given the power of sight.

You´ll understand exactly why those that want to sit back and run their mouths without ever seeing or training in Comhrac Bas are pathetically confused… like a four year old that tries to understand calculus. You´ll even start feeling sorry for their lack of understanding.

I could go on and on about the jammed packed amount of information on the REAL ANSWERS, but I´m not going to.

I know at this incredibly low price (lower than going to a restaurant, less than a best seller hard back, less than a tennis lesson or golf lesson, less than going to the movies and getting popcorn) you know you are getting far more value for your buck than ever.

Well what´s it going to cost to get the information that has had the Insiders stumbling all over themselves? Well before I tell you I have to give you…

ONE MORE WARNING: Because this is such a daring adventure for Christophe, I convinced him to only make a few of the first edition copies. I told him he´s got to concentrate on other projects—and thank God he agreed with me. So, you got to get your copy now. And at this price, why would you wait? Because if you hem and haw, I´ll be able to convince Christophe to raise the price to justify the time, money and energy he put into this.

So, again, bottom line order your copy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Javier Diaz
Director Clugston Combat Systems Europe

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