The PROGRAM: Combat Conditioning




 The Program to obtain Olympic power and endurance is finally revealed to the public but before I tell you about this startling information,


..Are you sure that you are ready for UNDENIABLE RESULTS (with a unbeatable money back guarantee)?

Dear Reader–

If you´ve ever wanted to lock your body and mind together to advance your fitness levels while guaranteeing your self defense skills advance, then this is VITALLY important information. And I guarantee this with a full money back if your performance doesn´t increase.

Now the most advanced method to obtain formerly FORBIDEN power can be yours. If you want to dominate anyone foolish enough to attack you then you will absorb every word that I´m about to tell you.

If you don´t know who I am, I am Christophe Clugston professional fighter (yes again–I fought in Europe and Asia), professional body guard, professional bouncer, professional teacher, and the founder of what has been called the World´s Best Self Defense Technologies. I have covered the world looking for the best of the best–sacrificing everything to learn what others were too lazy and too weak to absorb. And I am here to tell you about some ASTONISHING SECRETS of training. But I absolutely must know one thing, first…


Then forget what the would be experts will tell you. That´s right throw it out the window…and do it now. You see others try to tell you to train like a Body Builder or like a Long Distance Runner or even maybe like the old YMCA Karate class. Or maybe you know a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter–who will tell you to train for 4 hours every day. It doesn´t matter. All of them are DEAD WRONG. This misguided and unscientific advice is not going to help you. In fact, it will do YOU more harm than good. It wastes your precious time for training (and if you are anything like the people I know–you just don´t have time to waste on stupid methods and certainly with a normal life you cannot spend 4 hours a day training and another 12 hours recovering). This training advice de-escalates your ability to survive in a street confrontation (WHY? Because it doesn´t train you the right way–from the cellular level on up).


Quite simply others are tied to tradition doing what some one told them to dos. They think longer is better. Believe me, I have trained in the meccas of fighting: Thailand and Nederlands (fighting in both countries, also).. Thai training believes that you must train three hours twice a day, six days a week, every week. You see because someone said it was the right way–they never explored or innovated or validated the training. And they sure haven´t dominated the Olympics with this method. To the contrary, the Soviets did something that made the Eastern Bloc the most powerful AND FEARED countries in the most elite, Olympic Games. They dominated time and time again with rock hard science behind them. IT was Not (like the West) just relying on a freak genetic specimen to excel, no the secret was that it was a process–and this process used cold, hard and verifiable science–not tradition.


And the self defense and martial artists along with the fitness would be experts never had the SOVIET SECRETS to instilling fitness. Combine that with the World´s best self survival technologies in existence and you have a synergistic effect that is part of the S Cubed technology launched at the cellular level by THE PROGRAM.


It´s the correct melding of science to technology that allows this Program to redefine you, to rebuild you. You simply become more powerful where it counts: when your life is on the line. You´ll advance all of your systems in the correct way. You´ll develop proper Phosphagen, Glycogen, Alactate, Lactate, Anerobic and Aerobic pathways. While others out there talk about Generic Cardio–they don´t have the education nor research to understand that to excel local muscle endurance, agility, nervous system capable of high stimulation, Creatine Phosphogen systems are far more important–you´ll be talking about Isomorphic Training (more or on the later) rather than Cardio when you launch the Program. And if you didn´t understand what I just told you—it´s a clear sign that you need this cutting edge set of advantages more than ever. And you need it today!!


You got to understand as a Professional Fighter it´s vitally important for me to know THE SOLUTION to CORRECT physical training. I´ve got ¨no room¨ to lie to myself. I just cannot afford to use out dated and ineffective methods.

This highly researched and developed Program has one element missing in every one of the Experts´ glorified pushups routines. That´s right it contains a HUGE SECRET that others don´t know and certainly don´t use.



That´s right Astronauts didn´t just suddenly go to the moon. No. They were trained and trained in a variety of sequential and logical steps. All of this training was carefully monitored and verified at each step. It was not just the same thing over and over day in and day out. And it certainly wasn´t some tradition. It couldn´t be–they were breaking new ground and lives were at stake. Without this HUGE training secret, not a single astronaut would´ve been alive to attempt the moon walk.

At the CORE of this science was Isomorphic Training–the very same Training that allowed the Soviets to dominate the Olympics.

It is so important, my friend, that without Isomorphic Training you are left stranded. You are never going to get to the Moon. You´re not ready for it. You´re not prepared for it. It´s the most important element of training and success. Let me explain it to you in another way. If you don´t use Isomorphic Training you are left using a hammer when you need a screw driver. Without the right tool, you are lying to yourself and your body. You are trying to do something that you have not been sequentially and logically prepared to do.

You see, The Program unlocks your potential at the cellular level and gives you exactly the tools you need to dominate. There are NO other products on the market that can approach it. This is not body building, this is not Track and Field, this is not Tennis training. The Program does what none of that training can do for you: it elevates your performance level for you own self protection (and of that of your family and loved ones–you know how they depend on you for this power).

Again, what makes me so certain about this information?

I have spent the majority of my life learning about fighting. I travelled across the World to meet those who had ¨the secrets¨of combat. And I didn´t stop there. I went much further. I fought as a professional fighter on three continents, worked high risk security at the Olympics, bounced in slug fest bars, survived attacks in dirt poor third world countries, provided personal protection for several celebs and amassed a huge library about physical/mental training filled with the most current ELITE research into human performance.

This is a ONE OF A KIND background that NONE of the other would be experts can claim. They just cannot match my background. They haven´t been where I´ve been and they haven´t done what I´ve done. All they can do is fantasize. And believe me, their fantasies aren´t ready for the REALITY that I can give you.

Here´s the Reality of the most advanced and elite information available.

*It´s build on ease of use–not complicated fine coordination moves that will not serve you when tired, stressed, or scared–you know DURING CRUNCH TIME.

*It´s gross motor unit learning taps into a system you´ve already developed.

*The teaching is sequential, systematic, and isomorphic (that means it doesn´t teach something that doesn´t work in the real world).

*Every single technology has been tested in the only place that matters–THE REAL WORLD. Everything that you´ll learn has already won fights. It has already allowed others to maintain their freedom from violence.

You see you must ask yourself the following important facts when considering training in any fitness system that claims to help you survival:

*Technologies must work for various body types and athletic skills. (What works for a professional fighter is not very applicable for a housewife who needs self survival skills, now is it?)

*Kinetic Energy must be used. (You will learn how to harness this mega source you already have.)

*Technologies must be able to function in various environments.

If it can´t do all of the above–then it´s got nothing and it´s certainly not the PROGRAM.

This is not a re-hash of someone else´s material, this is not some re- named meta hyped pushup routine, this is not out dated material hawked by fat out of shape slobs that never dared get in the ring

THE PROGRAM is a HUGE amount of info: it contains a audio visual DVD and 4 Audio CDs. That´s right it´s that intense. I am your personal trainer six days a week for one solid month. This is not some stale do over and over routine. This is cutting edge training. All you have to do is do watch the DVD and then start Week 1, Day 1 Audio CD and you´re on your way to incredible advances in your performance..


The Program incorporates two highly overlooked and misunderstood pieces of equipment. That´s right, you probably have both of these light weight pieces of equipment right now. And if you don´t have them both are easy to get for less than $20.00 The one thing that that is hard to obtain is the methodology of the S CUBED TECHNOLOGY. With this special technology you will launch yourself to Soviet Like Results of Domination. It all comes down to science. The exact how and when to use protocols and equipment in the right sequence to obtain incredible performance in the shortest time possible.



¨Every claim made in your ad is absolutely true…simply the most innovative and devastating system of self defense I have ever been exposed to. These would be a bargain at twice the price! Thank you!
Paul Cramm, Lawrence, KS


* Absolute Sequential Technology for self survival

*Controlled Motor Density to give you a Dramatic Boost

*Bio Mechanical Drills that few WESTERN Experts know

*The Astounding Power of the S Cubed technology gives you an Einstienan Advantage over other methods

Don´t worry if you don´t know what these technologies are—because the RESULTS you will get are UNDENIABLE.


This Technology rose out of the need to Fight All Day long for your very life. Just like the Astronauts had to prepare for the unknown and dangers of space. This, of course, meant a thorough understanding of energy expenditure and natural vs un-natural movements, deleting energy eating motions and movements. This quite simply is the most detailed, thoroughly analytical approach to training your metabolic systems that exists.
Instead of a mass of independent and out of control parts–this technology will train your body to move as a unit. Imagine a harmonious cohesive controlled body designed to SURVIVE.


You really will be amazed at how much better you will be in such a short period of time. Once again, I GUARANTEE that this ROCK SOLID SCIENCE will make you a better fighter. You have to remember that I have been giving this guarantee for 14 years and NO ONE has ever disputed this claim. That´s 14 years of teaching people in 9 countries, in 3 languages, from one on one training to seminars of 100 people at a time. I have literally trained thousands in person.

And get this–not a one of them, ever left my training without a substantial increase in his or her ability to defend himself or herself. There´s a reason why NO ONE has ever accepted my teaching challenge–there simply is not a person crazy enough to think they can out teach me. It cannot be done. And with the Program I train you one on one–with one DVD and four (yeah that´s right 4) Audio CDs daily for a month.

“This is razor-edge technology, training and fighting philosophy that takes real fighting to an unparalleled level. No guesswork here. This is easy stuff to learn. Buy and study these….”
– Bruce Bonnell from Barrie, Ontario, Canada



You´ll get personal training with me six days a week for a solid month. Let me ask you, do you have any idea what that would cost from any of the other would be experts (if they knew this Secret Soviet Technology, that is)’? Some of them charge 20 thousand dollars (yes that says $20,000) to put you through tired pushups, situps and squats while b-sing you. When you see the science that I going to give you at this special price you´ll know that you are absolutely stealing this information from me. Look, if you could come train with me for a month–this is exactly what I would put you through for self survival training fitness. And get this–you would pay me well over 2 thousand EUROS (yeah that´s EUROS and not dollars–Euros are more valuable).

And that doesn´t include you coming to where I am in the World (which might mean coming to Asia), nor your other expenses. This is really a win situation for you. You get technology that has cost me over 20 years of my life and hundreds of thousands of dollars–I have literally sacrificed everything to obtain this information.

I have paid for it with my body–time and time again in rings in three continents against some of the World´s best fighters, in slug fest bars, and in attacks in third world countries around the World. This is a one of a KIND of education that has not been duplicated by anyone that I know. And no one I have met wants to sacrifice like I have to obtain this information. Point blank, if I didn´t put this information out it would be lost.

But, I am making it available. That´s right you can benefit from my sacrifices and obtain this huge amount of information in the PROGRAM…and you can do it now.

Seriously, this is such detailed and unique information that I was contemplating making it ultra restrictive to those who were serious about obtaining results. Many people pay over 300 dollars a year for health gym membership, add to this personal training fees and gasoline expenses on top of the time to get to and from the gym you are talking about a cost of TWO thousand dollars yearly.

So I think it would be fair to half that price and give you 100 times the results. It would still be a bargain at the $1,000.00 price. You quite simply are not going to find this information anywhere else. And you certainly aren´t going to find it in the comfort of your home town.

This is quite different from anything that is currently on the market.

Remember the Program contains an Audio Visual DVD that shows you the precise technologies to use, what two pieces of special (and very easy to obtain for less than $20.00) equipment will rocket you to new levels of power and endurance, and it contains 4 Audio CDs that are going to give you daily, 6 times a week, for a SOLID MONTH, specialized routines that will interlock, magnify and explode your performance.


And it´s tailored for the most important goal you can have: self-preservation (the most important game there is–Life–not some silly game chasing a white ball around a field–of course, if you want to do that game you will have the choice only if you are safe and ALIVE–and that´s what the PROGRAM is all about, giving you the choice to pursue other elements of your life.)

Isn´t time that you took care of this part of your life and invested in yourself in a way that really has no monetary amount?

Well, I am going to make it impossible for you not to take care of this element of your life. I am going to let you walk away with the incredible information contained in the PROGRAM only if you are dead serious in improving your performance and body.
I could go on and on about the benefits of this one of a kind information, but I think since you´ve read this far you are genuinely smart enough to already know this is the best investment you could make to increase your performance.

And you won´t have to sacrifice years of your life to get it.

You won´t have to travel across the World to get it.

You won´t have to spend one tenth of what I did. That´s right, this info that cost me personaly, thousands and thousands of dollars won´t cost you more than a dinner for two at a good restaurant .

But, I MUST WARN YOU–demand for this rock hard science has been building for months. If you are really ready to perform better you must act now. You must order right now (you see, because we are a very small company we were only able to produce a limited amount of copies).

And when they´re gone, they´re gone.
Make sure to claim yours now–waiting won´t help.

World Wide Shipping and handling is $15.00
This is the biggest theft of million dollar research that I´ve ever seen at $125.00


Christophe Clugston

PS I forgot that when you get this incredible technology you´ll have the opportunity to get a special one on one with me training.

PSS Remember that the RESULTS will be UNDENIABLE or your money back–completely. Let´s see anyone else match that.

Purchasing DVDs is acknowledgement of reading and agreeing with the terms listed on the FAQs page.