Operating Systems and Apps for Fighting

The First Major Breakthrough in 21st Century Combat Science–Smartphones and fighting?  


Clugston Combat Systems is proud to continue its history of pioneering work in radically changing the face of personal combat outcome through our technologies.

After extensive research, we feel we can offer you the first major development in Combat Science in over 200 years.  As we see it, as we continue in the 21st Century it is time to advance our method of learning how to defend ourselves and how to fight more effectively, if we are to survive the ever growing hostile nature of our World.

As most people know the World has been changed by computer technology, it has redefined how we obtain information, communicate with others and how we actually live. It is only an intelligent step to follow this process in all serious areas of life.  Self Protection is at the base the Number 1 biologically hard wired mandate we all carry with us from the past into the future. That is if we wish to carry on into the future and not go extinct, we carry the mandate of self survival as sacrosanct.

To bring your ability to survive into the 21st Century we have redesigned and re-evolved our technology. Our underlying paradigm: The power now available on a smartphone or tablet is FAR more than what was used to send a man to the moon–isn’t it about time we put that power into Combat Science?  Well, Clugston Combat Systems did just that.  Check out the the following categories:

APPS:  These are designed to be used with the operating system that you already have.  This means that even if you come from a boxing, MMA, Muay Thai , Traditional Martial Arts’ background, etc.  these will easily be integrated into you.  These will give you huge advantages and increased power to survive violent encounters that you just can’t afford not to have.  These Combat APPS are  akin to using APPS designed for Android or Apple platforms. 

Examples of APPS:  TNT KO APP, Savate d’Apache Street Fighting APP, Siman Fighting Method APP, etc.

Time Frame to install: A few hours to a Week


Systems:  At the core of any computer the ability to perform tasks ultimately rests on the operating system.  What sort of system you have determines what you can do.  For example, you need extensive RAM to play modern games in real time against a network of players.  The systems that we offer take more time to install in you than APPS –however, they give you far more power than what is obtained by APPS. It is important to say that the system magnifies the ability of an APP to work.  Just as if you have a faster processor and more hard drive you can run more powerful APPS and more APPS the same is true with using our Systems. You can add APPS until you are blue in the face (if you want to).

Examples of Systems:  Combat JKD, Comhrac Bas (self defense), VDA, CXS, Combat-Judo, etc.

Time Frame to install: A Few Days to Two Years


Megasystems:  These are the most powerful cutting edge technology we offer.  Giant Operating Systems that give you incredible flexibility in how you deal with violence–there is no theory here–just huge results. They contain the power of  several other systems that work synergistically together to equate to 1 + 1= 3 paradigm. That is to say, for example, that a Mega System takes what VDA, CXS, Combat JKD (etc.) all do and lifts them into another generation of development. An evolution as huge as a smartphone is from  1960’s NASA cutting edge tube computers.  When a Mega System is installed APPS and other Systems are easily integrated into an unimaginably powerful operating platform.  This would be akin to using, Windows, Apple and Linux platforms at the same time with all increasing the power of the other.

Examples of Mega Systems: KRD and Apex (both are restricted operating systems)

Time Frame to install: Depends on the installer and person to be installed,  one week (KRD Basic) to several years for APEX  (NOTE: all depends on prior operating systems installed) 

Clugston Combat Systems will start offering seminars, clinics and private training using this evolution in technology.  DVDs will be released and reorganized to work together in establishing your ability to survive in the 21st Century. It’s time to take part in this–because, frankly, it’s time you upgraded and replaced your centuries old technology if you are to survive in the 21st Century.