MSC: Ultra Street Fighting Conditioning

Maximum Survival Conditioning.–Ultra Street Fighting Conditioning

Shocking secret technology combines to give you the best primal fitness with the most advanced science geared specifically to enhance your self defense, street fighting capacity.

Revolutionary Training Breakthrough From NASA Unlocks The Raw Tiger Power Hiding In Your Muscles And Gives You Unparalleled Brutal Fighting Strength, Explosiveness and Agility.

First I got to know if you´ve ever been remotely interested in protecting your grandmother or your kids or just plain interested in increasing your personal power? Either way, I´ve got a shocking fact to tell you. You see… if you absolutely want to burst at the seams with bull like power while obtaining a primal physique and functional body there´s only one way to do it. And that´s with Maximum Survival Conditioning (MSC).

There´s simply no other program that is designed specifically for increasing your ability to survive mortal combat while increasing your functional ability, endurance, speed, power, agility and strength. That´s right no one can match this program. It´s all about developing the power to demolish attackers as easily as a Tiger can demolish a little lamb.

Here´s the bitter truth:

A street fight or street attack is an “athletic event.” It´s a competition between you and your attacker that requires emotional, physical, and mental qualities. These qualities WILL determine the outcome. The more prepared and proficient you are in these areas the more successful you´ll be.

And you have to train specifically for it. If you want to be the winner and not the victim there are specific technologies and processes that you must follow. You can´t just do any sort of conditioning or training program—it just won´t work. No one else in the WORLD has this level of sophisticated knowledge taken directly from the best Sports´ Science research, Eastern Bloc Olympic domination machinery and direct professional experience that includes fighting on three continents. Don´t begin to buy into the Lie of would be experts who don´t have this high standard of background, because, frankly, they don´t have what it takes to develop this one of a kind program.

You see, No book, no three ring binder of photo copied notes, no E book—nothing can compare to the technology in this Multi Media MSC. And anyone who tells you different is a liar.

What makes me an authority?

Christophe Clugston is hands down the best personal trainer on the planet. And don’t take my word for it. Try it and see for yourself. The mindset he brings out of you will serve you in all areas of your life. He will open the door that will lead you on YOUR path—J REBO, USA

Look, I have trained and or fought some of the best fighters on the planet. I´ve trained with K 1 fighters from Holland and Russia and I´ve trained with Superleague champions—not to mention Thailand and European Champions. I´ve trained with several UFC fighters. I´ve fought at A Class Level on three continents. And I currently fight in Asia and Europe. I have well over 70 professional fights. Additionally, I´ve trained with Olympic Gold Medalists, Olympic Coaches, the leading Power Lifting Coach in the World and several World reknown trainers. I´ve also been a body guard to many celebs. I´ve bounced in some of the worst slug fest bars in the USA. I´ve had over 50 Street Fights—that never had rules. I´ve survived attacks in Third World Hell holes. Many were where I was outnumbered. More than a few of those times the mob was trying to murder me. Although I have the scars from those death attempts, I survived and I´m still here. What allowed me to survive is that I had an advantage. That advantage was the same thing that…

Roman Soldiers, Gladiators, Mountain Climbers, Survival Experts and even Astronauts know something you don´t? And it allows them to have a steely cold confidence because of their training that others don´t.

This fact is so important that it separates the winners from the losers, the survivors from the victims.

And that´s where Maximum Survival Conditioning is different from anything else in the World. It uses this ELITE INSIDER knowledge coupled with the most advanced sports´ technology on the planet to give you dramatic changes in performance in the shortest time possible.

So what about these elite secrets?

One Elite secret is called Power Chain. It´s so important that without it you have nothing at all. In fact, you will be doing everything wrong. To be 100% brutally honest, this Power Chain training is the hard fought for advantage that only the highest level elite in the World understand.

In fact over 90% of the physical training out there will do nothing for you during CRUNCH TIME. That´s right it won´t save your ass when the sh•• hits the fan. Why? Well here are the…


1)        If you train like a tennis player you can be a tennis player
2)        If you train like a runner you can be a runner
3)        If you train like a body builder you can be a body builder
4)        If you train like a Power Lifter you can be a Power Lifter.

And if you train like any of the above…well, you just don´t have what it takes to survive. That´s right, none of those methods begins to do what MSC does. Why is that? Because MSC is designed using the elite secret of Power Chain. Without a Power Chain you are left disconnected—you see a chain can´t work if there are no links connected. Yet, that is exactly what the other would be experts try to sell you. A bunch of isolated excerises that have absolutely nothing to do with your self survival. When someone attacks you those pushups you have been doing aren´t going to help you at all.

Additionally there is no Kinetic power from those methods that works in the world of self survival. Believe me there is a great deal of complex science that explains why training in two planes compared to training in three planes is as useless as those Indian pushups and squats some fat slob tries to push off on you. MSC simply uses the most advanced findings in sports technology to produce incredible performance results. And you don´t have to have a PHD in Sports Science to use these incredible findings. The power is right there for you when you get MSC.

I´ve already told you a little about Power Chain and Kinetic frame used in more than vertical and horizontal planes (if that´s confusing, don´t worry because I make everything crystal clear in MSC, there is no guess work when you´re trained one on one with me). Now I´m going to tell you about a jealously guarded technology from the most elite group of scientists on the planet.

This Is What Works.

And it´s guaranteed to unlock your primal power. To make you as powerful as a Tiger, you NEED science. In fact, it´s part of the same ELITE science that NASA uses when training Astronauts. That´s right, this is space age technology (not some random collection of exercises). I want you to read the next sentence aloud and memorize it.

Astronauts cannot and will not go into space until they have been through EXTENSIVE ISOMORPHIC training.

What does that have to do with you? Well, you are going to use this secret of success from the most elite group on the planet. It´s a fact, Astronauts are the most elite group on the planet. And they have the most elite billion dollar science behind them each and every time they take off. Think about it. You´re going to have their secret. You´ll be light years ahead of anyone else who doesn´t follow this sort of training. But, I got to warn you, it´s not for everyone. It´s only for those that wish to be elite.


So what is ISOMORPHIC TRAINING (other than the biggest elite secret in the world)?

Look, I´ll explain it this way: training to become the best ping pong player in the World will not allow you to become the best basketball player in the World. And why not? Well it´s the same reason that those fat guys trying to repackage pushups and free squats cannot help you when it comes to combat—it isn´t specific to what you are doing. Now, let´s face it–these never stepped in the ring or fought on three continents would be experts just aren´t sophisticated enough to know what you really need. (They couldn´t be—they don´t have my background.) Isomorphic Training is what allows Astronauts to survive in hostile, unknown, dangerous situations. It´s exactly the sort of training you need to survive hostile and dangerous situations. Additionally, it will give you a kind of calm that you never have experienced before.

Can you imagine having this level of personal power?

Part of this personal power comes from another elite secret that NASA and all survival experts know (along with Roman Soldiers who conquered most of the known world using this secret). I almost hate to mention it here as I know plenty of rip off artists will start using it as their catch phrase, just remember you learned it here first. The secret is that your energy system is the most important factor in determining how to train and how to survive hostile environments.

You simply cannot put energy out that is not delivering you real time RESULTS in performance. Read that again—the energy you put out must get you a result fast! Imagine your car has broken down in a remote Alaskan town and you only have $100 dollars. If that weren´t bad enough here´s the bad news, a huge Artic snow storm is coming your direction. You got to protect yourself, you got to do something right now to save your live, you got to use that $100. to rent or buy shelter now, not a month from now, but right this second or your dead!.

You are either training to get better at what your goal is or you´re wasting precious energy.

Let´s tell the truth from the beginning—without energy you can´t do anything. Energy is so vitally important that if you don´t have enough you can´t even do daily things in life. That´s right you can´t even drag yourself out of bed. And there is no way that you are going to be able to fend off a serious street attack without the right energy.

Designed for the busy normal man or woman.

I understand that you don´t have four hours a day to put into a gruelling MMA workout or 6 hours a day for a Muay Thai program. And you certaintly don´t have 12 hours a day to recover and start it all over again.


In fact, if you are anything like a normal person you just cannot devote 20 hours a week or more to anything other than your job and family. That´s why MSC is designed to produce incredible results in the shortest possible time while developing and sparing your energy.

This is an advanced training system that takes you day by day over a 21 day power cycle to develop brutal survival ability.

¨Where all those other fitness, conditioning experts leave you with no real power to handle hostile situations—Christophe Clugston guarantees to bring you to real world heights of explosive energy in the shortest time possible.¨ A. Alcoba, Spain

Why MSC can do what no other training program on the planet can do!

This is the only program that increases your speed and agility in self survival. I don´t care how many pushups or free squats or handstands you are doing—they do nothing (read that again, that said NOTHING) to increase your speed. They simply don´t connect the nervous system from afferent to efferent (which is Sports Science talk for neuro muscular leaning). That´s right this is program where you teach your body how to operate more efficiently and with more power than you ever dreamed.

Another secret that will make you a Tiger capable of eating anyone who gets in your way.

It´s called Kinetic Frame. And it goes way beyond Plyometrics (which many call the most incredible short cut to performance in the world). This Kinetic Frame ignites with the Power Chain and every bit, every single bit of it is as ISOMORPHIC as the multi billion dollar NASA space program.

Everything is logical, scientific and very specific to self survival.

I´m even going to give you what is probably the MOST ELITE secret of self survival performance. It took me years to find out about this. It was one of the most heavily guarded secrets of training and survival experts. Those who knew about it only leaked me information in hushed tones over a course of many years—that´s how powerful this information was to several top guys. (It´s so powerful that it always produces a profound impact on anyone that undergoes this training.) Believe me, very few people on the planet even know this training exists and fewer still know one thing about it. In fact, it´s safer to say NO BODY understands it outside a very privileged elite that were hand picked to learn it. And what these elite know is that this is the most important part of the sequential process of training. It´s what allows you to come out on top. So what is it? Well, my friend it´s the Reptilian Brain. It´s the place where all of your basest actions, thoughts, and emotions come from. And it has everything to do with street fights, defending yourself and not becoming a victim. Because when the sh•• hits the fan it´s the most important ingredient for success. You see, Eastern Bloc scientists discovered how to quickly “download” information to your Reptilian Brain. It becomes a part of who you are, not just something you’ve memorized. This means, in a fight, while the other guy is busy thinking, you’re busy surviving and winning. However, get this, there is absolutely no way to connect to or train the Reptilian Brain using the pathetically antiquated black and white photos of some book. No, it takes a very specific process. And the only place you can get this incredible power is from my MSC program:


Part of the reason that I´m the only one to have this incredible info is because of my extensive research and professional fights on three continents: Let´s face it, those fat guys with their Indian Pushups and Indian Squats aren´t exactly using anything that generates Gold Medals for any country. You see they are so far behind on cutting edge technology it makes me laugh. Here´s a comparison for you. Imagine that you need to go from New York to London, while these would be experts are trying to put you in a raft to cross the ocean I´ve already got you on the next jet from New York to London.
Here´s the reality…
You and I both know you don´t just want, you actually need to get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. And Maximum Survival Conditioning is not just jet speed, it´s missile speed. To insure this, MSC uses one of the biggest finds in recent Olympic Sports Research, T-Intervals. This cutting edge training technology is the fastest and most powerful way to obtain dramatic improvements. And this sort of training can never be done without a special sequence. This secret sequence is given to you on MSC. I make sure that you follow the proper and crucial timing of all technologies.

NO book or ¨course¨ on the planet can approach the results that you´ll get using MSC. Nothing else can unleash the TIGER within you.

This information is so crucial that I need to impress on you how important the science is to make you elite. You just can´t accomplish Olympic level performance without using a very detailed, structured approach. And you can easily tell who gets it and who doesn’t. Those want to be experts just don´t. You know, it´s almost criminal how these prehistoric thinkers fall short on technology. They just cannot generate the most profound Olympic level changes in performance in the shortest amount of time. And what´s worse is that they have no idea, none at all, of how to train you for the most important event you will ever have to face: SELF SURVIVAL.

The more your training simulates the event, in this case a
street attack, the more it´ll enhance your performance and everything else is just a MONUMENTAL WASTE OF TIME.

MSC uses technology that will serve you when it comes to CRUNCH TIME. That´s right this is aimed straight at your Reptilian Brain. Ask those other so called experts (that is if you can pry them away from their all you can eat buffet) if they have a clue what the Reptilian Brain is—and then ask them inbetween fries, if they have any idea about how to train it? That´s okay, I already know these guys don´t have a clue. And that´s why I´m going to give you a huge free secret that the elite know—no book, no photocopied course can program your Reptilian Brain. Only Maximum Survival Conditioning can do this. That´s what it´s designed for.

Why everyone else has got it all wrong!

Now most of these other programs have written instructions of sets and reps with millions of possible excercises for your biceps or your calves. They treat the body as a group of isolated parts. This approach does not give you what you need the most…not in the least. You need to train your whole body and I mean mind and body. MSC trains your whole body how to function at an amazing level. Remember you can´t suddenly put all of the pieces back together if you break a mirror—but that´s the same sort of thing these other programs try to do. They think that is intelligent. It´s just plain stupidity.
You see here is a definition of what most think of as intelligence: Intelligence is your intellectual ability to solve problems. Like math problems or logic problems. The reality is that this level of thinking is unavailable during a real fight. Those who have trained themselves in an environment where they can solve math problems, etc have not trained in the reality of Crunch Time. And training your body as a bunch of isolated parts doesn´t train it how to function during a real attack.
Because if the Reptilian Brain has not been Hard Wired your´re going to lose. That´s right, all of your thought out and easy to practice conditioning will leave you.

¨This is a Wonder Technology¨ Joe, England

Part of the power you will obtain with MSC is because of the revolutionary sports science of T-Intervals. These will increase the very systems you need most in a Street Attack or Street Fight. Get this, this cannot be trained without direct help. Again, nothing short of this multi media experience can lead you to success.

Here´s what you get with Maximum Survival Conditioning Program.

One DVD that takes you through every single facet of the Power Chain movements. It contains all of the sequences and progressions.

Three Audio CDs where I am in your personal trainer. There is no need to remember complicated reps or sets, no need to worry about anything. You don´t even have to think. Because, I will tell you exactly when and what to do.

Contained in the CDs are the before hidden method of training the Reptilian Brain. You cannot do it on your own and you cannot do it with any book or course on the market. But you will have this crucial primal power with Maximum Survival Condtioning.

This is completely new and never before seen science. NO ONE else comes close to my pioneering work in self survival training. That´s right this builds on the work from THE PROGRAM and takes you even farther—if you got the desire.

But please remember this is designed for those who have limited time and a burning desire to be among the most elite on the planet..

I promise you really will be amazed at how much better you will be in such a short period of time. Once again, I GUARANTEE that this ROCK SOLID SCIENCE will make you a better fighter. You have to remember that I´ve been giving this gurantee for 14 years and NO ONE has ever disputed this claim. That´s 14 years of teaching people in 9 countries, in 3 languages, from one on one training to seminars of 100 people at a time. I have literally trained thousands in person.
And get this–not a one of them, ever left my training without a substantial increase in his or her ability to defend himself or herself. There´s a reason why NO ONE has ever accepted my teaching challenge–there simply is not a person crazy enough to think they can out teach me. It cannot be done.


You´ll get personal training with me five days a week for a 21 day cycle of explosion. Let me ask you, do you have any idea what that would cost from any of the other would be experts (if they knew this Secret Technology, that is)? Some of them charge 20 thousand dollars (yes that says $20,000) to put you through tired pushups, situps and squats while B-S- ing you. When you see the science that I´m going to give you at this special price you´ll know that you are absolutely stealing this information from me. Look, if you could come train with me for this 21 day cycle of explosion–this is exactly what I would put you through for MAXIMUM self survival training fitness. And get this–you would pay me well over 2 thousand EUROS (yeah that´s EUROS and not dollars–Euros are more valuable). And that doesn´t include you coming to where I am in the World (which might mean coming to Asia), nor your other expenses. This is really a win situation for you. You get technology that has cost me over 20 years of my life and hundreds of thousands of dollars–I ´ve literally sacrificed everything to obtain this information. I´ve paid for it with my body–time and time again in rings in three contintents against some of the World´s best fighters, in slug fest bars, and in attacks in third world countries around the World. This is a one of a KIND of edcuation that has not been duplicated by anyone that I know. And no one I have met wants to sacrifice like I have to obtain this information. Point blank, if I didn´t put this information out it would be lost.

But, I am making it available. That´s right you can benefit from my sacrifices and obtain this huge amount of information in MSC…and you can do it now.

Seriously, this is such detailed and unique information that I was contemplating making it ultra restrictive to those who were serious about obtaining results. Many people pay over 300 dollars a year for health gym membership, add to this personal training fees and gasoline expenses on top of the time to get to and from the gym you are talking about a cost of TWO thousand dollars yearly.

So I think it would be fair to half that price and give you 100 times the results. It would still be a bargain at the $1,000.00 price. You quite simply are not going to find this information anywhere else. And you certaintly aren´t going to find it in the comfort of your home town.

Are you ready to explode with personal power?

Remember This is personal training day by day that leaves you no room for error. You don´t waste time flipping pages, you don´t waste your time trying to interpret bad black and white photos, you don´t even have to sit through page and page of over hyped self flattering commercials for other products hawked by a fat man. This is not rehashed pushups and situps, this is not some new machine for your abs, this is not kick aerobics, this is not the latest fad–this is NASA science applied to Street Fighting.

Are you ready to invest$140.  in yourself to become that Street Fighting Tiger that you were meant to be?
Well then read on to see why MSC is the most ELITE Street Fighting Conditioning on the Planet

• Three technologies that will help you build the greatest power in the shortest amount of time.

• The missing link—and why all of those would be experts can´t help you with real world problems.

• How using NASA science insures that you´re using a program built on results and performance that will blow everyone else away.

• How to train like cutting edge Olympians.

• The elite secret for getting explosive and agile.

• Specialized hard wiring of your Reptilian Brain that will allow you to survive mortal combat.
Personal one on one training that will ignite your performance in record time.

• How to be functional.

• How to develop a Power Chain (critical to success).

• The Eastern Bloc training that insures you aren´t wasting time.

• How to develop agility regardless of your size.

• How to set back the aging process – why the older you become the more important isomorphic training is to your energy systems.

• Lose unwanted fat – become sleek and functional.

• Gain confidence that applies to real life.

• How to dramatically increase your energy production to new personal records.

• How to develop an explosive and powerful body.

• Combat Science that simultaneously build power, strength, agility, endurance, explosiveness and ability in the entire body (that means the lower AND upper body).

Maximum Survival Conditioning contains an Audio Visual DVD that shows you the precise technologies to use, what pieces of special (and very easy to obtain for less than $20.00) equipment will rocket you to new levels of power and endurance, and it contains 3 Audio CDs that are going to give you daily, 5 times a week, for a 21 day cycle of specialized Power Chains, Kinetic Frames, T-Intervals, Hardwiring and specific energy development that all interlocks, magnifies and explodes your performance while giving you an inner calmness that you never knew before.

So what are you waiting on? To be elite you have to take action. But I got to warn you: Get your copy now as there are only about 300 copies in the entire world. The truth is that we couldn´t afford to make more at this time.

¨…I knew immediately after only viewing them for five minutes that all of my knowledge was obsolete! Genius indeed; what you have discovered is nothing short of astounding. All of your moves make sense, becuase they are natural, each to their own body type etc, and scientific. You have succeeded in uncomplecating Self Defense. Thank you Sir for this great gift to us (the public). For what you have given us IS a gift! Thank you again Mr Clugston¨D. Barrow, Oregon, USA

Here´s how to claim power and brutally smash through mental and physical barriers. Become the Lord of the Jungle. Be a Street Fighting TIGER at last. Get your copy of MSC right now—


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