Get Olympic Gold Skills

I want what an Olympic Coach and a Professional fighter did–broke the Code to amazing performance.

Saylor Clugston

I wanted to maximize my skill and ability while cutting down the time on wasted effort.

From the Desk of Javier Diaz, European Director
Dear Intelligent Practioneer,

Right away I am going to tell you that this is about the same skills that allowed Eastern Bloc countries to dominate against wealthier countries that had ten times the athletes they did. Even with all of the apparent odds stacked against them, Eastern Bloc technologies and protocols dominated the Olympic, World level.

And nothing could touch them.

¨They had a system of training that produced results–astonshing results–and it was more than just a system it was a Complex Secret Code that became known as the GOLD MEDAL CODE.¨–John Saylor, former Olympic Coach, USA

And that´s where our amazing story begins. You see two men from vastly different backgrounds set out to discover this Secret Code (the way to incredible increases in physical performance). One was a former US OLYMPIC COACH, World renown Judo competitor, National Champion, John Saylor and the other a former world rated professional fighter, and developer of Time Condensed Learning System, Christophe Clugston.

¨One man alone could´ve never been able to get all of this information–ït was way too difficult, that´s why it took two men to do it.¨–Christophe Clugston, Former World Ranked Pro Fighter

Eventhough they came from different backgrounds they shared a common burning passion to BREAK THE CODE THAT ALLOWED EASTERN BLOC COUNTRIES to dominate the World.

And they were willing to go to extremes to obtain just a part of this code. John spent an entire Summer living in a van, travelling across the US to meet and train with Eastern Bloc competitors. He ended up with smuggled out notes and letters from the Eastern Bloc–and through his contacts was able to translate these notes. Anytime that he found a disparity (and there were many hurdles, because the powers to be would purposefully give him mis-information. You got to remember these were the Cold War days) he would seek a new reference. And when he was under the scrunity of several intelligence agencies he would travel to a third country and find contacts that knew just a little bit more about the Code. It took him over 10 years or travelling and meeting little known contact sources, before he even had an idea about the Outline of the GOLD MEDAL CODE.

At this same point in time, Christophe was following up obscure professional papers from Eastern Bloc countries. He launched into an indepth study of Accelerated Learning Methods that led him to contact defectors from the Eastern Bloc and some of the those that had studied with them. He spent Winter nights in obscure European villages, in below freezing weather, outside train stations waiting for the earliest train so he could have the chance to meet and train with the best in the World. And from the snows in Europe he found his way through Thailand´s jungles to learn carefully guarded secrets from Ancient sources. Any where the code led, he would go.

They knew there was a GOLD MEDAL CODE that was jealously guarded–and they were going to get it.

Simply put, John and Christophe were possessed–you might even say OBSSESSED– with the desire to obtain the secrets of the GOLD MEDAL CODE. They lived and breathed to learn and use these incredible breakthroughs in training and performance. It was so impòrtant to them that they slept on floors, they threw away girl friends, they sacrificed and suffered so they could get inside this elusive CODE that they knew existed. They literally travelled all over the World in the quest to break into the Eastern Bloc´s secrets

And on their journey they ran into many half truths, lies, and mis-information planted to throw them off the truth. The Eastern Bloc was known for these tactics–hell, they had made a science out of mis-information that rivaled the Gold Medal Success they had.

They literally travelled all over the World in the quest to break into the Eastern Bloc´s secrets. 

And it was just a chance meeting with a man from Warsaw that gave John the needed information. He unlocked enough of the missing components that he was able to construct the first design of the Code.

Christophe was not so lucky to meet just one person that would unravel more of the Code for him. He had to use several sources (that he still protects to this day) to draw an idea of what the Code was. He then experimented and tested out his ideas with his own competitions and with the others that he was training. He quickly latched on to some of the Code and rapidly shot one of his fighters up to 14 wins and 0 losses in less than two years. He had found the CODE the same way as the Eastern Bloc had–through direct competition and elaborate details on all facets of training (complex formulas applied to core temperature, heart rate, oxygen pulse, motor density, etc.)

You see, Christophe found a truth that not many know about: And it involves more than just being on the cutting edge–it´s learning the exact ingredients. And that´s why the GOLD MEDAL CODE was more than a system. Just like making a cake, ingredients had to be added and done at the right time and in the right way or you won´t have anything at all. Unlike the USA methods of trying something the same way over and over and hoping for results, there was a process that those outside the highly guarded Olympic and Professional levels never knew.

¨I read all the books, looked at some other ¨would be famous martial artists´ videos,¨ even went to some seminars… It wasn’t until I found THIS ONE THING that it all started to happen for me.¨ Eric, Michigan

John and Christophe still wouldn´t meet for years later (you will hear a little about that on the DVD). And when they did meet they filled in the missing parts, finally their years of sacrifice and sufferring paid off.

And it´s then that they realized they had done what so many others had tried to do…

They Cracked the GOLD MEDAL CODE.

And now you can get inside the Code. With this DVD you will be there while two of the CODE BREAKERS divulge what they spent over 35 combined years studying and learning. You will no longer be a slave to some ¨coach´s idea¨ of what he thinks will work. You will learn from performance based–outcome based–GOLD MEDAL WINNING information. Both of these CODE BREAKERS trained with and trained GOLD MEDAL winners. That puts them in such an exclusive group that not 1 in 15 million can get in. Think about how shockingly RARE this information is..

It´s so important that I´ve got to say it again, They Cracked the Highly Desired Eastern Bloc GOLD MEDAL CODE.

When you get this DVD, INSIDE THE CODE, part 1, you will get inside the Code and here´s just a part of what´s inside:

  1. **How to defeat the Choice Reaction Block that will shut you down.
  2. **How to sequentially learn new skills and IMPROVE your reflexes.
  3. **How a secret from the Thai Jungle will make you have the will of a Tiger.
  4. **How to overcome weakness.
  5. **How to beat MMA guys at the fundamental level.
  6. **How Warriors are Built and not born. (And how you can do it.)

And that´s just a start to what the GOLD MEDAL CODE is all about. When you hear more of the amazing secrets you will learn why John and Christophe spent so many years and so much effort to obtain it. These fragments of the code alone are worth more than 30 times the price of this DVD. You better realize that this info belongs to just a small group of elite of the elite. And here´s more of what´s contained Inside the CODE:

  1. **How to get your own express elevator to the next level and save years off trying to climb the stairs.
  2. **The deep secret shared by all WINNERS–this ingredient will rocket you to new heights.
  3. **How you can learn to leave NO STONE UNTURNED to magnify your abilities, now. 
  4. **The reality of the Cortisol System and if you don´t know anything about this–you been living in the athletic dark ages.
  5. **How you can RESTRUCTURE your entire game.
  6. **What a laser and your ability have in common.
  7. **The MEGA SECRET of the Eastern Bloc countries (so important is this find that all I can say here is that it was considered the biggest step to improving any athlete)

And if that weren´t enough to demonstrate what Inside the Code will do for you—Christophe and John threw in the following:

  1. **How to stack the deck so you have the unfair advantage. 
  2. **You get notes from a professional fighter´s own personal note book.
  3. **You´ll learn the necessary ingredient for Total Success.
  4. **What the most important one thing you can do to by pass Sport Fighting.
  5. **Why you need to be Isomorphic and how if they aren´t you will blast them out of the water.
  6. **The 3 Keys leaked from a former Olympic Coach–that gives you the blue print to always improve.
  7. **How a small reversal of training can catapult you forward beyond your dreams.

Look I could go on and on, but believe me, those of you who are smart enough to know this rare information is exactly what you need to push you up to a whole new level don´t need any more talk. You just need to know how to get it.

DISCLAIMER: This info is only for those that value the same Dominating, Powerful, Techniques that the  Eastern Bloc used to obliterate everyone else (even though they had little money and few athletes compared to the rich, heavily populated Western Countries).

Well, this info is worth tens of thousands of dollars–the secrecy program to protect it was far in excess of this. The amount spent by John and Christophe just in travelling costs exceeds several thousands of dollars. And what price would you put on ten years of your life?

That´s right what you say your time for 10 years would be worth to you? What would you accept to pursue one goal for 10 years? How much would you have to be paid to give up your house, your car, your family, your comfort? Not to mention the injuries and medical costs. Because that is what it took to get this information.
Think about it for a minute…can you imagine?

But, you know what? You don´t have to give up anything–not one thing at all. You don´t have to feel any of that pain or discomfort. In fact, you will feel the excitement of having startling technology. Get this DVD and you will have invested in yourself in ways that you can´t imagine.

So here it is—we talked about the price of this DVD and because it was so special and it DOES reveal INSIDE THE CODE we were going to set it at $95.00 (which is far less than either John or Christophe charges for personal consultation) and we will probably go to this price when we have more copies available.

But right now, we will let you have this INSIDE THE CODE for $65.00


I just got an urgent phone call. THE PRICE if you are fast to get 1 of the first 300 copies is going to be $59.00

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So, now it´s your turn to get inside the code.

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¨Every claim made in your ad is absolutely true…simply the most innovative and devastating system of self defense I have ever been exposed to. These would be a bargain at twice the price! Thank you!
Paul Cramm, Lawrence, KS

¨I could tell Chris knew what he was talking about. He is the only instructor I’ve seen that has a real knowledge of streetfighting. The many techniques also blew me away. They gave me the attributes I was missing and the moves nobody else could show me. I would like to personally thank you and your associates for giving me the knowledge at such a reasonable price.If it had cost 500 dollars it would have still been a huge bargain. When I read your ad, I couldn’t believe it could be true, but everything you claimed was true.”
Ryan, Schaumburg, IL

Javier D.

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