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Dear Serious Training Student:

Let´s face it there are so many training and conditioning programs out there now you just don´t know what to believe. One tells you to do this and another tells you exactly the opposite. It´s just so confusing that you want to bang your head against the wall. After all, all you want are results. And I can´t blame you. It took me years to find my way through all of the garbage to absolute correct ways of training.

Have you ever wanted more power, more speed, and more explosion?

Now, I can tell you a secret that not one in a thousand of these self proclaimed experts (whether that be Kick Aerobics, Step Classes, Pilates, etc.) knows. And what is that? Simply, training to perform at your best is a SCIENCE. It´s not listening to someone´s cousin, your coworker, or the latest fad hyped on an informercial. It´s a science. That´s why it is so damn hard to get the right answers. If you want to jump higher, hit harder, kick faster and dominate, you got to face the REAL truth about the whole human performance field: if it were so easy to understand there would be no need for study.

Let me put that another way, finding your way to jumping higher, kicking harder, and punching faster is complex, VERY complex and that´s exactly why there are university degrees in understanding and maximizing human performance. That´s right you absolutely must know the body inside and out, if you want to design training that makes you faster and more powerful. So what do these students study?

Well besides, kinesiology, lymphatic systems, hormonal axis, neuro muscular response, cardiovascular responses, etc. they have access to the biggest performance booster in the world. Yeah, and get this, it´s not a drug or drink. It´s easier than that. They cheat. Well the smartest students cheat. Whoah, what the hell did I just say? Did I just advocate cheating?

How cheating will give you performance like you never knew before.

You bet I told you to cheat. That is if you want to maximize your results in the shortest time. It took me years to quit listening to all of the misinformation that was put out. Hey, in the USA two people changed the fitness ideas and designs of everyone. And those two were Arnold Swatzneger and Slyvester Stallone. They took the idea of what was athletic (which had been the skinny runner´s body) and changed it to a more well defined, muscular idea. Unfortunately neither were performance athletes. They were both just trying to look good. And looking good and best performance are worlds apart. AND THIS HURT YOU AND ME more than you know.

Suddenly the world was full of body building routines and runners´ workouts. Neither one will allow you to kick harder, punch faster or jump farther. No, to do that you got to CHEAT!! The first way to cheat is to change your mind set. The old ways of thinking don´t make champions. You want to be a champion you got to cheat. Sure you want to be a champion, who doesn´t, but why do you have to cheat?

Well maybe you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct tests and computer analysis of training methods and the years to figure out if it really works. Or maybe you just want to be plain faster, more powerful and more explosive RIGHT NOW!!! (But if you feel bad about this cheating thing you can just call it the short cut to the top.) If you want to explode right now in the shortest time possible, I want you to do exactly what those smart students did.

This allows you to magnify your results and cut your learning time.

The smartest of the students realized that they didn´t have to pioneer every new training idea, they simply had to study those who had already done it. WOW!!!! What a change in mind set. Imagine you combine the results of those that were actively testing and studying which methods worked the best (and had already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and several years). You have magnified your results a hundred fold and have eliminated years of wasted effort.


It´s pretty easy, you want better results then you studied those teams and countries that have delivered the highest number of consistent results with their training. What does that mean? You look to imitate exactly what the best are doing. And not just one isolated person. Look, if you have one group of scientists and trainers producing Gold Medal after Gold Medal at the Olympics that would mean that their designs and protocols (that´s a way to say their methods of training) are working. And they are working better than anyone else´s in the ENTIRE world.

You want to be better than anyone else in the world?

Think about how crucial that is. It´s an enormous find, especially if you consider that some of these domination teams came from very small countries that have very small populations in comparison to the huge number of people living in the USA, for example. And yet the USA (with all of its might and money) never touched them—that is until they stole some of the very same training protocols that the Power Houses of Olympic Gold Medals were using.
How to steal the brain power of the giants.

Outside of the Olympics you look at who produces the most consistent results in competition. And one thing is certain, there are truths that cut across all forms of sports and performance. You absolutely must have speed, power, explosion, and endurance to maximize .your skilNo weak, slow, uncoordinated person has every dominated any sport NOT even golf.

Let me tell you, no Pilates class is ever going to give you the speed, power, and explosion that it takes to excel at combat sports, self defense or even tennis, for that matter. It´s a waste of time. 

Yeah, I´m known for telling it like it is—and as an A Class Professional Fighter that has fought on THREE CONTINENTS, I know what the hell I´m talking about. And I´m telling you that unless you have a specific program to develop your speed, power and explosion you are giving up before you even started.

Here´s the reality…
The king of the jungle is KING because of his superior EXPLOSIVE ABILITIES. Explosive, powerful animals always win. Don´t believe me, when is the last time you saw a snail or a sloth dismantle a TIGER?

To be King of the Jungle you got to train with the KING of the Jungle.

It just plain makes sense to develop the same overwhelming explosive abilities as the King of the Jungle has. So I´m going to take you straight to the King. And he´s the KING of Results that´s right with his help you’re going to cheat your way to the top of the heap. You want to blast with more power than you ever felt coursing through your body, then I am about to introduce you to the number one in the World, THE KING of Explosive Power.

His name is Louie Simmons. And his results are legendary.
Louie has worked with twenty-five World and National Champion powerlifters, twenty-seven lifters who have totaled over 2000 pounds, and the 400 meter World Record holder (Butch Reynolds). He is a strength/power consultant for the Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and several college football teams.

But that´s not where the legend ends, not at all. Louie is one of only six power lifters in the WORLD to total Elite in five weight classes in various lifting organizations. He´s also the only lifter over the age of 50 to squat 920 pounds (do you have any idea how heavy that is? This man is five times stronger and more explosive than a normal 20 year old he´s a jungle cat compared to a sloth) and total in the three lifts of over 2100 pounds.
You absolutely cannot move that sort of weight without being incredibly explosive.

One thing is clear: in the World of Power, Speed and Explosion, Louie Simmons and his methods are KING.

And that´s why I TRAINED AND LEARNED from the King.

I recognized the immense power of using Louie´s methods. He´s a genius.

¨Louie Simmons is a Genius of power and strength training¨ John Saylor, Former US Olympic Coach

And that´s why I personally met with him about the specific needs of combat and self defense. Louie gave me the specifics he held nothing back.

Here´s a little of what Louie gave me:

  1. –How to use less time to become 5 times more powerful?
  2.  –Why Body Building ideas hold you back from your true potential?
  3. –How free weights work the whole body like nothing else can and are absolutely necessary for creating Explosion?
  4. –How the idiots deconstruct the body with their training and how stupid it truly is (when was the last time you saw only an arm in a fight, for example).
  5. –Training methods that develop you faster and make you far more powerful than anything anyone else is using.
  6. –In addition to what Louie gave me, I´ll give you the results of years of professional fighting. I give you the plyometric exercises that are specific to building you into the KING of the jungle. \
  7. -I give you flow exercises that teach the body how to operate more effectively.
  8. –I give you agility that transfers to the real world (whether you play tennis, football, soccer or need lighting fast moves for self defense).

Hey, I could go on, but I think it´s time you answered some important questions.

Let me ask you:

*Do you want to move your body faster?

*Do you want to respond with amazingly quick reflexes?

*Do you want to kick harder?

*Do you want to punch faster?

*Do you want to move as effortless as a Tiger walks through the jungle?

*Do you want the improved self confidence this power will give you?

*Do you want the sleek, more muscular body this training will give you?

*Do you want the spine tingling sensation this level of power will give you?

Then do yourself a favor and get this DVD today. There are only a few of these DVDs. But you got to really want to be powerful and explosive, this is part of my personal training program and it is incredibly powerful.

What about the price? Well I could spend two pages talking about the benefits of investing in yourself and how much money it took to get this information, but I´m not going to do that. I know you´re smart person. I kno that you´re going to be amazed that all of this information is yours for less than a gym membership or a tennis lesson. It really is a steal (well that is if you are one of the first 400 people that is).

So here´s how to get the XPLOSION DRILLS

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that price is $65.00 for anywhere in the World

You can also order using WESTERN UNION (if you want super fast shipping, contact us for costs.)

PS. How long have you wanted to kick harder, punch faster, and have lighting fast moves? Well stop dreaming and make it happen, ORDER now.

PSS: I only want this to go to those that truly have wanted the benefits that increased power gives you and that´s why only a few people are going to be more powerful. The question is are you going to be one of the powerful, fast, and explosive (or just a sloth)?






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