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Combat/Street-Fighting Skills

If you ever wondered what the elite know, how they train, how they take EVERY advantage and every technology to remain an  Apex Predator …well, here’s your chance to find out.

You see, what this is all about:

I have just been too busy with seminars, private training, my own cutting edge learning technologies, travels, and PERSONAL kick ass training (specifically Military KRD and Apex) to answer every single person who wants to get INNER CORE secrets from me.

Frankly, most of these people don’t have what it takes to pursue the goal they are after. They are mostly freebie hunters–you know the sort of person that likes to waste your time. I know that your time is valuable and I certainly know how much of a premium I put on my time. I just cannot afford to have one minute taken away by people who won’t listen to the years of research, travel, and expense I’ve put into discovering this Combat Science.

So, how do I separate the truly serious student (the ones that really, desire to have this sort of power and knowledge) from the ones that just suck us dry with pointless freebie hunting?

Well, I decided that you had to show me a little of that same quality I have: GUTS AND DETERMINATION. That’s right–you got to take some action–you got to committ. Now, this is not for everyone. In fact, I don’t foresee many actually having the follow through to grab on to this chance to delve into the INNER CORE.

And what is the INNER CORE exactly?

Glad you asked.

*It’s the history of technologies–why the Pop Up is done the way it is, for example.

*Why structuring work outs in one manner will ruin your skill and in another structure will enhance your skills 300%.

*It’s the guarded secrets that only Sean Stiles, Brandon Cole, Josh Thompson, Lance Horzman, and the legendary MIKE SANLIN–know.

*It’s the inside secrets of hundreds of hours of advanced training Brandon and I did.

*It’s the personal secrets of Mike Sanlin.

*It’s the experience of real world FIGHTS–many in third world countries.

*It’s the feed back from my students that have had to use Clugston Combat Systems (Proelium Ars) to survive.

All of these INNER CORE secrets have only been passed around among the ELITE of us. Basically, if you weren’t there when the @#%$ went down–then you were never going to learn a thing about it.

And I’m not going to stop there. When you select to enter the INNER CORE you will have the chance to get your personal training questions (whether that be a problem with a technique or with a mind set) answered. This is a HUGE, HUGE advantage. Look, I just don’t have the time to GIVE OUT this sort of hard fought for information to everyone who asks (and believe me, they ask a lot). However, when you join the INNER CORE you get the very thing that so many want—MY PERSONAL ATTENTION to your specific questions.

Also, we will be communicating from my secret E MAIL address. No one outside of the INNER CORE will have this E Mail address. When you join you will truly be elite. And we have a secret Facebook Group that you can use.

So how does it begin?

For less than $1.50 a day (you spend more on coffee and soft drinks every day than this Top of the Top Information) you will be entitled to special reports. Private letters from me directly to the INNER CORE–and to the Inner Core only. You will get my personal response to your training questions (now don’t go over board on the questions–don’t try to send me 100 questions a month–that just takes away from someone else’s learning) and you will get history, facts, personal details, cutting edge training–I’m going to leak details about training I will not reveal to anyone for quite some time.

This is your way to get way ahead of the curve.

So what do you have to do?

Well for less than $1.50 a day you will start with going to
and send your special rate to imitate your 3 month beginning into the INNER CORE.

That’s right I said I had to get a commitment from you—and because of your commitment I am going to give you 3 whole months of my solid never fail return committment.

This offer is not for everyone, just the brightest and best of you. The Apex Predators.

If you would like, you can also WESTERN UNION the money directly to me.

That’s $100.00 US (no other fees or hidden costs) for

90 days of Never Before Leaked INNER CORE secrets.

90 days of special reports.

90 days of training from experts that you can’t even meet without spending thousands and thousands of dollars.

Don’t wait!

I will cap this offer. I just can’t have hundreds and hundreds of people on the INNER CORE.


Christophe Clugston

PS–We will have a special Secret Facebook Group so that Inner Core members can discuss directly their experiences and learning curve.
PSS–Let’s get started.