Spanish Blade Skills: Duel

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The Nearly Forgotten Blade Fighting Method that Ruled an Empire.
Misterious Circle A

  If you’re ready to learn what the true masters of combat knew about blade dominance then I’ve got  some important news for you.

After 8 years of work, filming on three continents a special one of a kind DVD set is ready for release. The very fact that I can finally tell you these DVDs are ready is a minor miracle that required 5 different computers and 6 different software programs. But, hell, with hundreds of e mails asking “when?” I knew I had to get it done no matter how hard it was. And here the Spanish Blades Advantage DVDs are. That’s right the long awaited information about the highly secretive and virtually unknown now, skills and science of the deadly Spanish duelists is out.

I don’t want to waste your time or mine so let’s just jump right to it, shall we?

                                           Ok, so, who are these DVDS for?      

They are for those:

  • who want to know about the true history of blade battle and technology.
  • who are really ready to know about the physics and geometry of the most famed and mysterious swordsmen (In fact their school was called the Mysterious Circle)
  • want to know why the Spanish were feared across Europe
  • why the dreaded Filipino Martial Arts are a partial understanding of the Spanish school
  • how to re-educate their nervous systems
  • gain a whole new set of physical and mental skills

The masters of the Spanish Mysterious Circle school are legendary. Here are a few of them: Carranza, Thibault, Alvaro Guerra, Tamariz and far more than I have time to list right now–you can look them up if you want to. What is important that although there were many masters of this unique combat style it almost disappeared. In modern times less than a handful of blade researchers were able to find the sources and implement a reconstruction. I was in repeated contact with one of my fellow researchers during the 1990s (he’s a famous actor and stunt man) and our conversations helped to pull together this unique and deadly fighting method. He showed parts of it on a famous TV show.

Now for the first time I take you on an incredible odyssey “Into the Circle” where you are given:

  • how the physics and geometry work in blade combat
  • why science allowed the Spanish to win
  • the HUGE difference between Occidental and Oriental fighting methods (and why one went on to rule the World and the other didn’t)
  • the reality behind duels and how it isn’t like anything you’ve seen on film
  • what are the angles of attack (they’re not what you think)

You see I’ve been a pioneer and leading researcher in REAL battle, combat, self-defense, fighting technologies for over 20 years. My credentials include having been a professional fighter on 3 continents with 75 fights, working in slug fest bars on 3 continents as a bouncer, personal security (CP) and more (my creds are so long that I had to make a few web pages to hold them–take a look if you have the time).                  

“Christophe is the Mozart of Self Defense”–M. Gallant, Panama

But what is more important is that I was the leading proponent of Combat JKD which I left behind for more powerful Occidental Fighting methods. It’s this fanatical drive and research that has led me to be one of the few people in the World to know about this fighting method. And what’s more, there are less than 5 people who know how to teach you this Spanish Advantage.                                                  

Misterious Circle A

So where does that leave you?

You got to realize that you are in a very powerful position–you can learn “Into the Circle” from where you are–you won’t have to do the hard research or the extensive travel making contacts, reading old books (that is if you can read in 3 other languages than English– if not you’d really be out of luck). If you want to do it–cool–I applaud you for following in my footsteps. But you don’t have to do it that way. No, you can just get these DVDs and study and improve on your own.                

This isn’t for everyone–only the exceptional combat, martial artist.

Look I shouldn’t have to give you a lot of reasons why you need to get these DVDs. Those of you who value this sort of information and personal power already know the worth. And in today’s economy this cost less than a lesson with a Pro Tennis Instructor, less than a high caliber Violin Lesson for your daughter.

This is difficult information to get–and finding a qualified instructor of my level is about as easy as crossing a busy super highway blindfolded on a bicycle. The Spanish Advantage is a two DVD set–each DVD is an hour of non fluff–hard hitting analysis of the true science involved in blade work. One slight movement of your body can literally mean the difference between you going to the morgue or going home, safe. That’s an immense feeling of confidence when you can “Stand Valiant” and handle a violent knife attack. The two rare DVDs are $110. and $10. shipping and handling If you are ready for that sort of confidence, knowledge and, ultimately, power then click on the button and get your copies now.


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