Skills to Destroy MMA/Traditional Martial Arts

I must warn you , this information is only for those of you that´d Rather Put RAW Fight Ending Skills into your body rather than waste your time.I just obsoleted 7 years of their training with one astonishing technology.

The ONLY thing that counts in the Real World is RESULTS!


 Hi, I’m Christophe Clugston

and I’m going to give it to you straight–I don´t care if you love me or hate me–when you  face a real experienced attacker all of those gym dojo, no struggle moves you see “the experts” doing aren’t going to cut it.

What’s going to cut it is a set of real skills. Technically,  a complete sequential, systematic, scientific, verifiable, isomorphic set of real world skills. In non technical, everyday, common speech, they are kick ass skills.

And that’s what this DVD is about: Kick Ass Skills. Get this, NOTHING that I teach you is without my personal use. That´s right I have taken all of the risk and found out if these technologies work–and here I am the living proof. 
And I did something special for this DVD. I teamed up with John Saylor (7 years the Olympic Judo Coach for the USA) to deliver the most REAL WORLD RESULTS possible.
There´s so much here that I will give you a small rundown.

So let´s get right to what results I can offer you.

  1. How would you like to by pass all of those complicated moves and theories of others?
  2. How would you like to have a plan that works to deceive their nervous systems?
  3. How would you like to have the power of two Been There, Done That coaches giving you the HIDDEN secrets? 
  4. How would you like to peek inside the equivalent of the Modern Day Gladiator Schools?
  5. How would you like to learn takedowns that work in the street. In addition you´ll separate yourself from all of the others by knowing exactly…
  6. Why you´ll end up beating yourself into a pulp if you try the wrestling double leg or single leg in the street. 
  7. Why it´s important to force him to become your victim and to do it easily.
  8. Why you have more power when you fool his perceptual field and deliver incredible strikes. 
  9. Why a simple stance change can stop his takedown.
  10. Why the reality of being World Class is not what others try to tell you. 
  11. Why you must forget whatever nonsense you´ve heard from those JKD guys about a trapping range.

.This DVD is unique in that John and I were actually questioning each other on how to handle the street fight against skilled opponents. You´ll see us actually improve on each other´s technology. This was a rare moment that was luckily captured on film by accident. And let me tell you this truthful, honest display is sure to blow you away. We delve deeply into the answers that only RAW experience can give you.

  1. How an Ancient Spanish trick allows you to land Dynamite Knees.
  2.  How a simple move stops the complicated need for Jiu Jitsu ground skills.
  3. How to become a Grand Master chess player and quit being a reactionary checkers player in the fight. 
  4. How a former UFC Champion gave you the wrong answer.
  5.  What part of your body is more valuable than Platinum. 
  6. How to break him apart and take away his will to fight.
  7. What part of your body is the impact zone for maximum Crow Bar damage. 
  8. How to recognize when you have 100% success to take him down.
  9. How to eat through his attempted blocking. 
  10. The secret of Psychological Domination.
  11. Why the JKD favorite kick is a lie. 
  12. How to instantly read his stance and know what he is open to.
  13. The most detailed low kick analysis ever given!!
  14. And why you´ll instantly super charge your confidence with this clear how to dominate him info. 
  15. I´ll show you how to interlock your skills so there is no chance for him to escape.
    I got John to spill these awesome secretes to me… 
  16. How to make the opponent do what you want.
  17. How to fight the Big, BIG guys and what you must do. 
  18. How to use NASA training to upgrade your skills.
  19. How to take him down even if he stops your first attempt.
  20. How to Bait your opponent so that he falls for it every time.
  21. How to create a Process that amplifies your skills at least 10 fold.
  22.  Insights into the Gold Medal Olympic training paradigm.John Saylor introduces you to the Smorgasboard of Pain where you control what devastation you give your attacker. 
  23. Finishing holds that work.

Together John and I will show you…
How to Master Mind the fight from start to finish. We´ll give you the templates for facing skilled (not just normal) fighters. We´ll even give you the answers how to grapple and take down the Big, BIG guys. On top of that we´ll include a sneaky move that will guarantee your success. Don´t blame us if they call you a cheater when you use it to completely overwhelm and dominate your opponent. We know results are the only thing that count and we think you know that, too. You´ll learn training secrets of the most successful Olympic Teams in existence. John Saylor leaks pure gold on this DVD. He even gets me to spill the truth about setting up an opponent like a deer in the headlights.

 You know the more that you use result driven technologies for self defense the more you find the process to obtain results in all areas of your life. Once you plant this virus like process you will find it spreading through out your life–but in a good, profound way. It can help clear up many problems in your decision process. It´s like giving you the green light to pulling safely onto a super packed highway. The amount of traffic around you doesn´t matter as you are moving from point A to point B without any delays. You see once you have experienced the POWER of real truth that cannot be denied, that cannot be meta babbled away–then you have a template for your whole life. And once you learn that the only thing that counts in life is results you can quit wasting your time on wishful thinking or dead end pursuits. It doesn´t matter how good an airplane or jet looks or how great the meta babble sounds about it–the only thing that counts is if it can get you from point A to point B. If it lets you down along the path the shiny seats and flashy knobs don´t matter–IT HAS LET YOU DOWN and YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.

¨I could tell Chris knew what he was talking about. He is the only instructor I’ve seen that has a real knowledge of streetfighting. The many techniques also blew me away. They gave me the attributes I was missing and the moves nobody else could show me. I would like to personally thank you and your associates for giving me the knowledge at such a reasonable price. If it had cost 500 dollars it would have still been a huge bargain. When I read your ad, I couldn’t believe it could be true, but everything you claimed was true.
Ryan, Schaumburg, IL


‘I served with the 7th Special Forces Group as a light weapons Sgt. in the mid to late 70’s and then was with Army Delta at it’s conception. I’ll just say that if you are really concerned about your safety and that of the people you love and don’t want to be a victim, then get this tape and put it to use. Take it from someone who knows the real things when He sees it. CLUGSTON WALKS THE WALK!!!
– Guy Falkinburg from Abilene, Texas United States

Remember this is more information than any one man has–that´s why John Saylor (former Olympic Judo Coach) and myself teamed up. There is NO WAY any ONE of the wanna be experts can begin to cover what we know.

We literally picked each other´s brains for the best answer derived from our Hard Fought for Experience (something those poseurs don´t have, by the way). And one thing ran clear over and over–this stuff is amazingly simple.

“I had trained personally with Christophe a short period of time when a street person tried to bother by car and myself at a bus station. The whole fight lasted maybe 15 seconds, maybe.” (translated from the original Spanish)
– Javier Mingo, school director, Spain

We did this because we are both sick and tired of the new poseurs out there. You know we have had several of the would be experts come to our seminars and steal our information and then try to pass it off on their works (too bad they didn´t have the real world experience to be able to teach the information correctly). So we decided we would counter their over processed, over cooked, re heated, microwaved garbage by being completely 100% RAW. This information is in its pure Raw form. This allows you to see it and use it without any un-natural ingredients added.

¨Man, I love this stuff.¨ Sean Stiles, Oklahoma

There is absolutely no wasted time on this DVD–it´s just loaded with information. And it´s been enhanced in this DVD version. There is rare footage of actual training in the Modern Day Gladiatorial Schools. You´ll see part of the grueling training and regimen that I went through.

(This Enhanced RAW project is absolutely one of my favorites. I even go back to use it as a personal reference tool.)
Now that it´s been Enhanced I´m even happier. However, I´m sure the poseurs will hate it because unlike their garbage we have delivered SOLID FUNCTIONAL solutions (that they´ll never have).
Are you ready for Undeniable Results?

¨I could tell Chris knew what he was talking about. He is the only instructor I’ve seen that has a real knowledge of streetfighting. The many techniques also blew me away. They gave me the attributes I was missing and the moves nobody else could show me. I would like to personally thank you and your associates for giving me the knowledge at such a reasonable price. If it had cost 500 dollars it would have still been a huge bargain. When I read your ad, I couldn’t believe it could be true, but everything you claimed was true.”
Ryan, Schaumburg, IL

If you believe in results then you MUST get this DVD now…

¨Every claim made in your ad is absolutely true…simply the most innovative and devastating system of self defense I have ever been exposed to. These would be a bargain at twice the price! Thank you!”
Paul Cramm, Lawrence, KS

Because I know that the sort of man you are really want what the others don´t have, and you really want to be that far ahead of them in RESULTS…
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that RAW price is $70.00 for anywhere in the WORLD
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Christophe Clugston
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