NEXUS: Nxt Gen Bruce Lee’s JKD

The Evolution of Combat Science has happened

The FLUENT Street Fighting Science Next Generation of Bruce Lee´s JKD.

Where normal JKD (and all of those other martial arts) failed to help the average person this Guarantees to be easier, better, and more deadly.

Did you ever wonder why there was only one Bruce Lee? The man was an incredible athlete and an iconoclastic thinker that broke new ground and forever changed the Tradition Bound Martial Arts. But, he can´t help you at all.

How many of you have tried to imitate Bruce? Yeah you know…if you found yourself in front of a mirror making sounds like you were fighting in one of his movies or if you actually went to one of the famous JKD or Wing Chun instructors to actually try to learn how to fight like Bruce.

Because I´ve got some news for you…

you made a Big Mistake.


You see the problem with JKD is that it´s an attribute based system. In fact, everyone involved with it spends countless hundreds of hours trying to improve their speed, their power, their combinations, etc. All of that is ok–that is if you have HUNDREDS of hours to invest before you can actually use the system to fight with. You want the TRUTH that they won´t tell you?

You see this sort of training only works if you are single, in your early 20´s and have lots of time on your hands. What do you do if you don´t fit into that category?

¨Christophe is the Mozart of Self Defense Technology¨ M. Gallant, Panama

You must use a technology that is based on performance and not attributes. You see in Fluent Fighting (Proelium Ars) we live by one very important idea: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO IMMEDIATELY FIGHT AND DEFEND YOURSELF WITH WHAT YOU LEARN. It cannot be some unobtainable goal. Additionally, it must work for the average person.

The incredible POWER of Fluent Fighting lies in the fact that it´s programmed to work in the worst situations

And here´s the radical difference We are a RESULT BASED SYSTEM–if it doesn´t work (and if it won´t work for the majority) then we don´t use it.

I want to explain why martial artists´ ideas are flawed: They always want to use an exception to state how good their art is. Hey, you know what ? It doesn´t matter if one person out of 2 million can make Wing Chun work in a street fight–because that´s not going to help you. You see this thinking is like saying that leaves on trees are not green because every now and then you will find a yellow or a strange colored leaf. But the reality is the MAJORITY of leaves (and this the way you would bet if you wanted to make money) are GREEN. And that´s what we are talking about here–a SOLUTION for the majority of people (and this is the way you want to bet if you want to save your life).

I´m going to give you a list of how Clugston Combat Systems is light years ahead of any other martial art or fighting system on the Planet.

  1. *It´s build on ease of use–not complicated fine coordination moves that you lose in the cold or when you are tired or haven´t trained in a day.
  2. *It´s gross motor unit learning taps into a system you have already developed.
  3. *The teaching is sequential, systematic, and isomorphic (that means it doesn´t teach something that doesn´t work in the real world).
  4. *Every single technology has been tested in the only place that matters–THE REAL WORLD. Everything that you´ll learn has already won fights. It has already allowed others to maintain their freedom from violence.

Look the Traditional Martial Artists and even those progressive JKD guys don´t like us much–and here´s the reason: they cannot match our results. They cannot give you so much life altering power in such a short period of time–frankly they are just scared with how simple and direct Fluent Fighting really is.

And I want to tell you about a special project that was just done. It´s called Nexus. I did it to publicly show what insiders have known for years–my technologies are the most powerful Self Defense Solutions on the Planet.

You see I ´ve just become so sick of all the haters and the skeptics. I decided to Publicly Disclose the power behind the Deep Combat JKD (as different from normal JKD as a Tiger is from a house cat) of Mike Sanlin in DEEP JKD. And now I´ll show you the next step beyond in this DVD. And that´s why this special DVD is called  NEXUS THE FLUENT FIGHTING EVOLUTION.

On this DVD you will discover the World´s most advanced break through technologies–I guarantee it

Here´s just part of what you will learn.

  1. *How to beat the Attributes. 
  2. *How to Hinge your way to Flawless Victory.
  3. *How to Drop a Mastodon sized Opponent.
  4. *How to learn the Grammar of Violence.
  5. *How to Maximize every part of your body.
  6. *How to weld your mind to your actions.
  7. *How to IGNITE your survival instincts. And I´m just getting started…
  8. *How to never make a defensive move.
  9. *How to destroy him when he attacks you.
  10. *Why if he tries harder he will hurt himself more.

´´He´s taken the basics of his Best Self Defense technologies and distilled them down so that any normal person (like you or me) can apply these strategies to become the best they can be and in the shortest time imaginable. No more guess work!´´– L. Horzman, California

Fluent Fighting is simply the best technology in the World to save your life. It simply eclipses every archaic art in existence. It hands you GLOBAL answers that apply anywhere. Let me explain how those archaic martial arts systems work. You see they pride themselves that if one little thing changes in an attack they will have a specific answer for it. Think about that… If you change one thing then the solution has to be different–that´s just an incredible amount of information to remember. And I guarantee that you won´t remember it when the sh** hits the fan.

So what does Fluent Fighting do if the situation changes, if the punch is thrown at 38 degree angle instead of 45 degree angle?

The truth is it won´t matter what sort of punch they throw at you. You´ll have the solution no matter if it´s indoors, outdoors, at the bar, on a date with your girlfriend, going to the ATM to get money–in the Winter or in the Summer. You see all of this has been PRE PROGRAMMED into the enormous power of this Fluent Fighting  EVOLUTION.

We win through superior technology!

You simply have the power that allows you to Evolve above and beyond those archaic methods of trying to protect yourself.

When I watch the news on TV or read it on the Internet, one thing is clear–there is more and more violence in the World today. It doesn´t matter if you try to stay away from it or not–it´s escalating and the only way to survive it is to prepare for it ahead of time. You can´t take a pill afterwards to cure it.

And I feel that those of you who are smart enough to invest in your own life (and as a protector for your family this is vitally important) absolutely need this information

And believe me, there´s lots more info here…like…

  1. *Why you´ll pray he throws a punch at you.
  2. *How we go a step beyond Limb Destruction to Joint Obliteration.
  3. *How the SMOOTHER will take away every single weapon he dreams he has.
  4. *You´ll know which two punches you´ll never see and how to force his hand.
  5. *How to tap into your Lightning Bolt Inner Power.
  6. *How to pin him like a fly in a web–and leave him as helpless.
  7. *How a simple step will put him down hard, hard, hard.



Included in this DVD are technologies so strong that they really push the envelope (believe me I had to struggle to keep this info on the DVD because it just scares my legal adviser).

PLEASE don´t read any further if you don´t need this level of power.

Take a look at what I´m talking about…(please don´t read any further unless you can handle the most Extreme Power Available)

  1. I unveil Celtic Killing Techniques. (Yeah that´s right–even the Romans feared these fighters in unarmed combat and you will learn why.)
  2. I expose the power of the Combat Wedge. You can virtually take his arm off with this.
  3.  The Spike Nuke Slam.
  4. The Spike Sack Slam.
  5. How to defeat him if he pins you up against the wall.
  6. How to dismantle him if he pins you against your car and is going to hit you.

There´s even a special section on how to handle MULTIPLE ATTACKERS here´s just a part of that

  1. *How to use 1 attacker to the stop the other dead in his tracks
  2.  Why if you don´t have a template ahead of time you are dead meat.
  3. *What angle is freedom and what angle is instant death.
  4. *What Martial Artists never tell you, because they don´t know it.
  5. *How to Survive the Wolf Pack–alone and out numbered. 
  6. *How to bait the attackers.

And this is just the tip of the Iceberg. This Evolution is also a personal evolution where you learn a profound confidence and calmness through self growth and self discovery. You simply have no idea how liberating this material will be to you. I´ve had many people tell me that it has made them more successful in all areas of their lives. They can approach a business meeting, talk to a difficult boss with a new found confidence and poise because of the residual power of Fluent Fighting.

The price is $79.00 which includes shipping and handling. Less than a trip to the movies and dinner.

You see the Power in the Fluent Fighting  Evolution is that it allows you to not only eclipse all of the attribute training Martial Arts but allows you to eclipse negative thinking. When you allow yourself to gain personal power it affects all parts of your life–for the GOOD.

And if you are anything like most people you could use as much of this GOOD power as you can get.

¨This is a better investment than buying guns or knives and gives me a calm confidence. Thank you.”
– Steven Bone, Illinois


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