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K.A.R.M.A. is a military technology designed for Zero Distance Warfare and for the unique theater of operations of extreme violence that no other fighting is designed for (e.g., MMA, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, etc).  This is a restricted technology/attribute information fighting system.

As a service to those that have expressed enormous interest in gaining an opportunity to increase and/or replace their self-protection skills I am going to run the following Intro seminars.

K.A.R.M.A. is now open for civilians for a LIMITED time.

Because of recent world wide events I have decided to make an “normal” people opportunity to train in KARMA.  KARMA is the military system used for Zero Distance Warfare.  
Now this training is going to have a few conditions: 1) IS going to be a non disclosure agreement 2) IS that it will not be the complete KARMA system as thee is not enough time to train normal people in its use (the hours a day are not available for that) 3) the price is going to be lowered but it is still going to reflect the seriousness of the material.
KARMA will include introduction to blades, and this means blade selection (most people have no idea what really should be used against a knife attack or against Zero Distance)
KARMA will include whole new ways to approach solving the problem. While some of it might look familiar it’s only familiar  how a crop dusting plane is familiar to a military jet. Which do you fear?


Day 1

  • Mental programming for extreme violence,
  • Importance of Functional Attributes,
  • War fighting vs Sports’ Design,
  • Striking for combat and how it’s different than what you do in the MMA/Boxing gym,
  • Complete retooling of Combat Kicking,
  • Development from Soft Wiring to Hard Wiring,
  • Intro Transitional Skills (firearms, blades)


Day 2

  • Yerkes/Dodson Paradigm and it’s constraints on Warfare,
  • Interception of attackers as intro to using Strategy and tactics,
  • the fault of MMA, etc. with training,
  • Asymmetrical Combat vs Symmetrical Combat,
  • Defense for handling any striking,
  • Understanding how to next level your response to stop an error Martial Arts do that has no place in Counter Violence,
  • Intro Zero Distance Combos


Day 3

  • reality of blade usage,
  • why fighting knives are not what the big Bowie or Karambit Fad Boys think,
  • Reality of responding to being attacked with a blade,
  • Intro to movement, Why wheelchairs are a death sentence,  
  • Functional Attribute Development that is necessary,
  • Blade Selection,
  • Intro to Zero Distance Blade and Transitional Work,
  • Understanding via group  cognitive training what criminals and terrorists look for,
  • Intro to Counter Violence mindset


Training Options: You can take 1 day,  2 days or 3 days of training


Price: Intro to K.A.R.M.A. is designed for small group training. Price is set at $500 USD per day, per person with a discount for those who will take all three days $1,400 USD total


Locations: Because of the seriousness of this training  we have selected Prescott, Arizona USA

Dates: July 1, 2, 3 2017


(If you want private  training before this  contact us at clugstondefense @ )


READ: A deposit that covers one day of training is necessary for our planning and revealing exact location of seminar and further info that is only for seminar attendees


Required: To confirm your spot and our logistics prepaying for 1 day is necessary (if you want to train 2 days or all 3 it is only necessary to pre-pay  for 1 day)

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Full Transparency: This is not the complete  K.A.R.M.A. System, K.A.R.M.A. is an attribute/technological system it is not for those with physical limitations or below what is normal  condition for a 20 year old (those who work out and  are 50 years old will find it challenging but doable). Cancelling after deposit has been given will incur a $100 USD fee for our logistics