Sanlin Combat JKD Method

The Combat J.K.D. (Jeet Kune Do) Street Fighting of the legendary Mike Sanlin

It took me weeks worth of work just to get a presentation to the legendary East St. Louis street fighter, Mike Sanlin.

Now is your chance to empower yourself with this super efficient street fighting science. You will tap into INSIDER information: closely guarded and handed only from one elite student to the next. Yeah, right you think. You’ve heard that one before. The only difference now is that it is UTTERLY 100% TRUE:

This information has been kept HIDDEN (by people like me, literally) for dozens of years. It’s been possessed by a handful of legendary street fighters whose success depended on advanced training methods and secrecy. Just to get a glimpse into this super accelerated attribute COMBAT JKD, I had to pass several tests. It took me weeks worth of work just to get a presentation to the legendary East St. Louis street fighter, Mike Sanlin.

This training was too powerful to fall into the wrong hands.

You see Mike didn’t just accept anyone–and it didn’t matter the amount of money or who you had trained with. ‘You have to be right, brother,’ Mike said. Basically, you had to prove you were WORTHY (yeah, I said worhty) to learn this upgraded JKD: Deep Combat JKD (more on that later). Hell, I had moved thousands of miles and given up my previous job because I felt this opportunity to learn from the best teacher of self defense was too important to miss. I risked a lot–but, now you have the same opportunity without giving up your home and your job.

‘Mike Sanlin is the most real JKD fighter, ever!‘–Carl James

OK. So why in the hell am I about to give you–for a lot less time, money and sheer agony–what I learned on those street gang torn streets?

Well three reasons:

1) I am giving those of you “worthy” and smart enough to realize the dangers of modern society a chance to survive. If you want to save yourself, your girl friend, your child, your family–you are going to need this hard fought for information.

2)You will be my testament of the incredible power of Sanlin Deep JKD technology that no one can deny.

3) Maybe I can pocket some money from this—you think I can retire from this? No, I don’t think so either–.

Normal, basic JKD as powerful as it was didn’t cut it in the Hell of inner city violence and crime–so Mike took it to the next level. OF course, the normal JKD crowd wasn’t happy with how radically different Mike made Combat JKD.

Hey let’s be real. Many people tried to detract from the power of Combat JKD as they do now.

Mike simply asked them to show how their methods were better answers to street violence and attacks. You know what? Not a one of them (and some of them were famous or on the edge of becoming famous in the martial arts field) could demonstrate a better method. Think about it–NOT one of those famous guys had a better answer to the ‘your life isn’t worth the change in your pocket’  crack head criminals’ violence.

But times have changed you say. Yes, of course. And now I daily get questions about comparing professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters to self defense. Hey, training like that is great. But face facts:

You might believe that learning from a world champion UFC or Pride fighter is a good idea…you might think that you ¥ll learn “stuff that works”…and you’re right if you are willing to spend 4 hours a day for the next 5 years of your life training like a madman.

How many of you are in your 20s? How many of you have 4 hours a day to train? How many of you have unlimited training partners? How many of you can afford, yeah, AFFORD, to be injured in training (because you will be in that sort of training)?

Reality: those of you who need to protect yourself need self-defense, NOT a life draining Sport Fighting gruelling work out.

More Reality: And for those that think traditional martial arts have the answer: I know you wouldn’t want to try a horse stance punch against a drive by shooting. And I don’t think a flying side kick is going to help you when having to face a gang.

Sanlin Combat JKD is not a sport fighting system nor is it a traditional martial art that was created long before drive bys and random violence became the norm. Hey, I know you are smart–so here is one very important fact–sport fighting and traditional martial arts are about as close to street attacks in seriousness as walking on the side walk is to walking on the high wire without a net.

So what did Mike do that was so radically different?

He took the skills he learned from Carl James and Dan Inosanto to the next level. You see, he found himself having to deal with street gangs, rushed attacks, drug heads, low level scum who never played by the rules, who never wanted to give him an even chance. So he had to develop skills to be able to handle these attacks simply and quickly.

Interested in the specific skills?

How about a short list of these devastating technologies covered in Deep JKD:

  1. The 3 keys to unlock any street attack
  2.  -How replacing the hand makes you a non stop machine gun 
  3. -The Swing Blast so powerful it almost takes their heads off (only to be used in extreme situations).
  4.  -What sex has in common with fighting–stranger than you think.
  5.  -The never fail flow strikes of legendary street fighter, Mike Sanlin.
  6.  -What to do so you do not get hit. 
  7. -How to disrupt their neural net and defeat them. 
  8. The specific target that no one else will tell you about.
  9.  -How to flow like water from one devastating strike to the next.
  10.  -How to be at least twice as fast as your attacker and possibly three or four times as fast.

And if that wasn’t enough–you will taught the exact manner to SUPER LEARN this material. This protocol is so vitally important that you cannot do with out it and sadly not 1 out of 100 self defense instructors knows it.

OK, sounds great but can I do it? Afterall I am just a normal person.

You will see in real time as normal people (not professional fighters) learn this material. You will see me give detailed pointers that were never available before except in personal one on one training. You will also be coached in the all important, but always forgotten, COMBAT MINDSET. (This alone is worth the price of this DVD.) You will learn how to have your personal protection rain coat to put on to stop the rain of violence.

We made great efforts to make this DVD as learner friendly as possible. You will be given implicit directions, every detail will be covered, all angles will be shown, slow motion technology is used to see the exact flow, and every facet is sequential.

This material is not available anywhere else in the WORLD.

That’s right you have to get it directly from us (this way you know you are not vulnerable to someone else’s tampering).



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