Anti Grappling: How to Beat Wrestlers

Is there self defense against grappling?

I had to  forget everything the Experts have ever told us about fighting.

And the VERY first thing that I need to tell you is the truth, ¨the real truth¨ from the trenches:

  • 1) no amount of normal martial arts or self defense training is going to help you in the street against a grappler. And the big Kicker is Number
  • 2) the Experts just don´t have a clue how to deal with the new grappling savy street thug.

You see the crime statistics have done nothing but climb in the last ten years. We are dealing with a more Violence Educated, tougher brand of street criminal than ever before. And that means your chances of becoming a victim continue to increase. Until now!!!!!

And that is why I am sure to piss off all of the martial arts, self defense EXPERTS when I reveal the SOLUTION (that they have no idea about) to stop Judo, Greco Roman, Freestyle, Sambo, or Jiu Jitusu wrestling attacks dead in their tracks.

Listen I have been training for a lot of years–decades, really–and I know how hard it is to deal with grappling attacks. Hell, I made it my business to train with some of the best grapplers in the world–maybe you have heard of a few of them:

  1. Kenny Monday, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist.,
  2. Chris Barnes, Olympic Team Alternate,
  3. John Saylor, Olympic Training Center Judo Coach,
  4. Pat Burris, 1996 Assistant Olympic Games USA Judo Coach,
  5. John Ross, World Renowned Judo Coach,
  6. Mikey Burnett, UFC Fighter,
  7. Gene Le Bell (considered the most dangerous man in the world and a living legend) and a host of professional MMA fighters.


So what does all of that World Class training and time mean?

You are going to be Dog Meat against a grappler if you try anything other than using Anti Grappling technology.

Yeah, that´s right–and why am I sure of that? Well, during my bouncing career at some of the biggest slug fest college bars in the USA, I got to see what happened when huge football linemen went up against smaller more technically oriented wrestlers. And it wasn´t pretty. I had to drag more than a few of the ¨big boys´ out of the bar after a brief encounter.

Believe me I had to earn my respect in these sorts of environments. And that meant that I had not only be able to handle the 300lbs Line Men but also the 180lbs Varsity Wrestlers. The only way that I was capable of that was using what we have detailed in this two DVD set of Enhanced Anti Grappling.

You got to understand as a Professional Fighter it´s vitally important for me to know THE SOLUTION to grappling attacks. I´ve got ¨no room¨ to lie to myself. I just cannot afford to be a victim.

I don´t know about you, but I think it´s pretty damned important to be Honest about life or death situations. And to show you what I mean, I will tell you right here and now the Experts don´t know what they are talking about. (They don´t really care about you. Why would they say something that´s guaranteed to make you a Victim?)

Anyone (which leaves these so called Experts out) who has fought MULTIPLE OPPONENTS, like me, will tell you, the worst possible thing that can happen is…


Why? Because, at the very least you will be kicked in the head by one guy as another holds you down… at the very worst you will be hit by lead pipes, bottles or STABBED TO DEATH!
Do you think I’m exaggerating? Well, I’m not. Unfortunately I have had to fight multiple opponents dozens of times and will tell you: Avoid the Ground at All Costs! I ´ve taken several of my friends to the hospital because they did not adhere to this rule.

I am pretty SICK AND TIRED of all the Experts who tell you “You need to know ground grappling on the streets.” They are wrong! DEAD WRONG!

In fact, what you need to know is how to DESTROY GRAPPLERS and how to AVOID THE GROUND. The very thing that the Experts have no idea about. Look, it is easy to come up with theories and ideas, I know a lot of 5 year olds who have some great ones. But I am not going to take any REAL WORLD advice from a 5 yr old. Why?

It´s simple, they don´t have any REAL WORLD experience. And neither do 99% of the Experts.

And that´s a huge difference. I am revealing Real World answers from Real World experience. And it is so damn (forgive me, but I get excited when I think of the people who don´t consider your life worth being a little offensive to make a point) DAMN important that I decided to reveal the Enhanced Anti Grappling DVDs (The Original Anti Grappling tapes were mysteriously pulled from the Internet five years ago). The Originals are lost forever, but that´s okay BECAUSE I reveal the very latest from the trenches hard fought for real world solutions–that simply did not exist five years ago.

And that´s far from it. You see, I wasn´t satisfied with just the best, latest, earned it the hard way real world solutions–no, I had to take advantage of technological advancements to make downloading this information to you much easier. We enhanced every facet. And how´s that? Well, improved sound, angles, no fault learning (more on that later), extra CRITICAL technology, extra private coaching moments with me (just like you were here one on one with me), and much, much more.

This technology will allow you to take your attacker apart at the seams.

And it´s like nothing you have ever seen before: Enhanced Anti Grappling is not Greco Roman, not Freestyle, not Jiu Jitsu, not Sambo, not Judo. Remember that you don´t have to believe me until you try it for yourself

In A Matter Of Hours You’ll Surpass The Fighting Skill Of Guys With 12 Years Experience In Martial Arts!

Sound like hype? Well, I´m glad you´re skeptical that´s exactly the way I want you. And exactly why you should pay particular attention to what others had to say about my technologies.

“Clugston’s moves are more devastating than anything I ever learned in 10 years of intense military action–including the Falklands War and battling TERRORISTS in Northern Ireland–or in the years I’ve been training US SWAT teams: in high stress, high speed instinctive shooting. This guy is the real thing”
– Dave Smith, Tactical Firearms Instructor,(Bodyguard to people whose names can’t be mentioned) and former Corporal 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, Royal British Army

“This is razor-edge technology, training and fighting philosophy that takes real fighting to an unparalleled level. No guesswork here. This is easy stuff to learn. Buy and study these… and become safe on the street where fighting is terribly real.”
– Bruce Bonnell from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

There´s so much earned the hard way information on these two DVDs, you´ll explode with ass kicking information.

I served with the 7th Special Forces Group as a light weapons Sgt. in the mid to late 70’s and then was with Army Delta at it’s conception. I’ll just say that if you are really concerned about your safety and that of the people you love and don’t want to be a victim, then get this tape and put it to use. Take it from someone who knows the real things when He sees it. CLUGSTON WALKS THE WALK!!!
– Guy Falkinburg from Abilene, Texas United States

Here´s some of what I will teach you (About time, huh?)

  1. *How to beat the boxer´s jab while viciously cracking several ribs! This unexpected move will freak out anyone who sees it. 
  2. *Discover one of my FAVORITE moves. You´ll crush your opponent´s skull with this awesome slam. 
  3. *How to inflict maximum damage with nerve-crushing technology. 
  4. *How to use the ¨Bang Factor¨ to dominate every second of the fight. Not 1 in 100 streetfighers knows how to do this. 
  5. *How to glue the pieces together so you can quadruple your effectiveness. I reveal the exact integrations to maximize your ability. 
  6. *Learn a slam so powerful you´ll crack your attacker´s ribs (and that´s just for starters). But, the real beauty is he can´t stop you. Even if he´s 80lbs heavier than you. 
  7. *How to create an impenetrable shield that will block and mind screw shootfighters and wrestlers. Plus, you´ll exploit their biggest weakness and knock them cold–

After viewing these DVDs you will Face Any “Situation” with A Confidence You’ve Never Known Before!

More about the No Fault Learning–this is just one of the exciting advances that I pioneered: It Will Actually “Download” Brutally-Effective Fighting Skills Directly Into Your Nervous System!

Every fault, every mistake, every learning error is shown and cured. This is an advanced accelerated learning technology that NO ONE ELSE has. These are cutting edge teaching technologies that others have been desperate to steal from me–and you´ll have them far before they will ever see them.

I Teach You Only The Most Effective Things To Do In A Fight

“Wow, it’s like I now have an inner bodyguard protection device which is trained to devastate anyone who messes with me! What Christophe has shown me is something I have never seen before, EVER. This is a better investment than buying guns or knives and gives me a calm confidence. Thank you.”
– Steven Bone, Illinois

Remember that you don´t have to believe me until you try it for yourself.

Here´s MORE of what is contained in these two solidly packed DVDs

  1. *You will learn the exact Balance Points to destroy your attacker 
  2. *You will learn how to magnify your leverage a thousand fold. 
  3. *How to stand your ground and make him lose his. 
  4. *How to close the gap like a JAGUAR. 
  5. *Learn every ¨need to know¨ grip that works in the Real World. 
  6. *Learn a weapon that you already have that not 1 out of 1,000 experts knows how to use. 
  7. *How your snap shot like mind will lead you astray and what to do to stop this. 
  8. *The secret of beating his triangle of balance while making him fall like TIMBER. 
  9. *The one inch secret. Yeah all it takes is one inch!!! 
  10. *How a simple level change puts you in the driver´s seat. 
  11. *How to beat his face in with never throwing a single punch or kick. 
  12. *I will even teach you how to throw punches and kicks that are completely INVISIBLE to your attacker. This is worth more than twice the price of these one of a kind DVDs. 
  13. *Even if he is faster than you I teach you how to use the COW CATCHER to stop him dead in his tracks.

You’ll Get Very Good, Very Fast, Promise

Ok, ok, sounds good.

So how much does this Enhanced Anti Grappling Package Cost?

Not very stinking much, if you understand what went into it. First of all, I get incredibly steep fees for personal instruction (and I only give this to personally invited people!), and I earn thousands of dollars a day when I teach special sessions to World Wide law enforcement and Foreign military. (And during these ¨first name only selected seminars¨ I often only cover half of what I download to you in these two DVDs.)

It took me hours haggling with my European Director (and that is not an easy thing to do, let me tell you).

I just had agree to one ¨little stipulation¨, I´ll tell you about it in a second. Anyway, we finally came to an agreement that´s fair for everyone — for both ¨crammed to the gills¨ with info DVDs the cost is just $119.00 (that´s just a fraction of my hourly one on one fee and you have the luxury of viewing every angle, every nuance over and over)
Shipping and handling for ANYWHERE in the World is $10.00

Now about that ¨little stipulation¨ and you better read this, we agreed to keep this price only for the second run of these DVDs, so you need to order these DVDs before we have to make a third printing and are forced to raise the price.


YOU CAN ALSO ORDER USING WESTERN UNION. (If you want super fast shipping, contact us for costs.)

You don´t want to miss this opportunity. And you can´t afford to go another day without these life saving technologies.

Look at what others already know and you are just a click away from learning.

“Pick any of Clugston’s tapes and you will not miss… they give you street ‘tools’ that work and that have been real-world tested. Clugston provides some of the most effective material, combined with a unique teaching approach that is unsurpassed. This could be the greatest life-insurance investment you will ever make.”
– Carl Anderson from Indy, Indiana

“I’ve seen a zillion self-defense videos and most of them are wasted tape – these are not!”
– Gene S. Temple, Forest Grove, OR United States

“Before I learned CB I was constantly afraid–especially for the safety of my 8 year old daughter. Now, it’s different. Recently 4 football players, the smallest outweighed me by 30 pounds and the largest was twice my size, harassed us in a restaurant in a strange town…but they backed off when I stood up and they saw the CONFIDENCE in my eyes.
I got right in their faces and that scared them. I was a second away from taking them all down and out–this stuff solves REAL LIFE problems. My daughter even picked up one move and used it to scare off an older boy who was bothering her. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!”
– Dr. Robert Risner, South Carolina

“There is no way to defend against these moves— they are based on simple actions, yet are devastating beyond belief. All of my official training assumes I’ll be armed and backed up, but that’s not always the case. I Have already used it (pre Proelium Ars) in the field, I can’t talk about it OFFICIALLY. It works.”
– G. Brittan, Drug Enforcement Agency

“This is exactly what I ‘ve been searching for: a practical fighting system that would work in the street. Although I am 60 years old, I have absolute confidence in my ability to handle a confrontation…something that 6 years of formal martial arts never gave me.”
– Dr. John Andrews, Pathologist, Utah

“I grew up with some pretty good street-fighting skills, but I would never use them now when say, I have to serve summons to angry people late at night. It’s just too dangerous in the real world to rely on something that may or may not work. It’s practical’ it’s easy to learn and it works. I ‘ve used it to deter violent criminals and to defuse difficult situations. This is somethingyou can rely on with confidence.”
– Ron Allen Jr. Private Investigator

“I’ve only been exposed to Christophe’s training a short time (videos) and when my house burned down and I caught a looter twice my size stealing stuff, it only took one move to put him down until the cops arrived. This is so simple and easy to learn. It’s amazing!”
– Shel Schoonover, California

“I had trained personally with Christophe a short period of time when a street person tried to bother by car and myself at a bus station. The whole fight lasted maybe 15 seconds, maybe.” (translated from the original Spanish)
– Javier Mingo, school director, Spain

One last thing: Those of you who order will get the chance to be put into our advanced learner list–you will get the latest technologies months ahead of anyone else in the World. You will also get FIRST CHOICE at every single product, training, service, etc. that we offer and will offer. This is a tremendous think ahead opportunity. So click the button and order your DVDs now–you owe it to your own safety and your family´s safety.

“Christophe’s material was very straight forward no nonsense and I really appreciated his honestly about fighting. I look forward to future dealings with Christophe and Matt.”
– Chris Herzog, Judo, Jiu-jitsu and Sambo Instructor, Buffalo N. Y.

“Very applicable to life situations-techniques that really work.”
– Shane Morin, Black Belt in Karate, Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Purchasing DVDs is acknowledgement of reading and agreeing with the terms listed on the FAQs page.