Special Military Hand 2 Hand-Fighting


What traditional martial arts and MMA can´t teach you.

Warning: This is not for everyone in the marital arts world.

because …

I want Special Military Hand 2 Hand and Weapon Skills

Dear good guy(s)

Whether you’re a normal family man who wants to have that extra something up your sleeve when things get ugly — or you’re a martial artist who wants to have the most lethal technologies in your arsenal or even if you’re a professional soldier or SWAT cop who needs to know what the elite know, how would you like to have Special Military Hand 2 Hand-Weapon skills?


Filipino Recon Marines standing photo

What I’m going to show you will revolutionize your fighting skills set beyond your imagination! And no traditional martial art nor any MMA training can touch these special skills.

So stick with me because…

How to learn…what until now only members of the French Foreign Legion, Delta,
Special Forces-A teams and a few select government personnel have been cleared to learn. In fact this has been their high speed advantage. But with the world the way it is now, I’ve decided to piss a few people off and give you the same chance. If I can risk angering some serious military people, can you really afford to turn down Special Military Hand 2 Hand-Weapon skills??

I´m not going to waste your time or my time. This info is not about punching or kicking in the air…it´s not even about sport fighting inside the nicely cushioned cage or ring. It´s none of that. This is ONLY about winning…staying alive and obliterating the bad guys.

You see no traditional martial arts or MMA can begin to handle the situations that you can face in the Ubran Warfare of today…

*Do you know the Gladiators’ powerful secret? It was so powerful that the Roman Army stole it. This stolen secret is so powerful that the Roman Army went on to conquer the known world using it.

*Do you know how to handle a man who charges you with a bayonet? OK, something easier: how to face a man who charges you and won’t follow those silly martial arts’ rules and methods. He’s simply trying to kill you.

*Do you know a simple secret that’ll increase your survival chances by what others has said is 300%?

*Do you know how to clear through a room like a hot knife through butter?

*Do you know Martial Arts’ biggest lie? The one that means the difference between living or dying?

*Do you know the deadliest weapon in Urban Warfare when you can feel their breath on your skin, you know, when the hair stands up likr iron rods When the shittttttttt really hits the fan?

I’ll show you how to use the most deadly Close Quarters Combat weapon in the world. Hint it is not a knife. Get this information only if you want what no one else has. Because, believe me, NO ONE ELSE HAS EVEN ONE IDEA ABOUT THIS not in the traditional Martial Arts and not in the MMA world–they don’t know it–they don’t train it.

If you want to destroy your attacker, ‘ll give you answers. In fact, I’ll give you more…

When you get this DVD package I´ll give you closely guarded secrets that no traditional martial artist or MMA guy knows. They just couldn’t. They don´t deal in life and death violent crime–they’ve got no operational experience in it, They´re not around the cess pool of rape, torture urban warfare that exists now. They´re all about honor and rules—well let me tell you that there aren´t any in the real world urban violence of slice your throat and rape your daughter  times that we find ourselves in. You know. that´s what we face after Sept 11.

 It´s a new World and you´d better be ready for it.

Because you have TOO much to lose, I´m going to teach you..

*How not to follow the free Youtube experts’ advice if you want to stay alive when the bad guys use knives. This will shock you to the core.

*How to get away from the concrete and steel grappling night mare that will have your expensive grappling skills torn away from you in two seconds. This is the Urban Jungle not the safety of the ring.

*How to use a sort of mind control that controls the reactions of the bad guy so you are one and even two steps ahead.

*How to fight when you are carrying extra weight. Remember this is designed not for tourists but men who have to carry 70lbs of equipment. Think how much better you will have it without the 70lbs.

* What A to B is and why not 1 in 10,000 people ever uses this technology.


Whether you like it or not I´m going to tell you the truth..

In Urban Warfare/Violence your adrenaline and emotions will soar out of control.it’s impossible to perform the complicated kicks, strikes and throws taught in traditional martial arts. And it´s impossible to use the special grappling techniques designed for the cage that MMA guys want to do.
In fact, truth be told, that´s the recipe for becoming a victim.

That stuff´s way too technical. Reason why is because they depend on knowing hundreds or thousands of “complex motor” movements, instead of just a few easy-to-learn (and master) “gross motor´´ movements.

You should know that you can´t hide from violence…


Many people think,”It’s a question of where you live and where you go. If you live in a good neighborhood and stay away from bad people you will be ok.” Really, maybe in the 1950’s that worked. But now we all live in a more violent society. I think you have to agree. I mean, have you seen the number of home invasions (where they break in, take your money, your valuables, maybe rape your wife or young daughter and maybe put a bullet in your head for good measure)? Or have you thought about how terrifying being a victim of just the random kidnapping and abductions that happen while “good” people go on their lunch hour or leave the office?

And you´re not the only one scared.

The reality of violence in the cold city streets or even in your own house has gripped nearly everyone. in the last 10 years I’ve gotten over 1,000 requests to unveil exactly what I’ve taught and learned from Urban Fighting Commandos and Genocide survivors from around the world. Well, I just hadn’t believed that the “normal” person would have so much interest in the sort of personal power that’s necessary to clear war strewn streets and clear hostile buildings full of terrorists.

But I was WRONG, because…

If you want to survive in the most hostile situations you desperately need this information. It’s exactly because so many people are worried and concerned about the increase in violence they see everyday since September 9 that I´ve gotten even more requests for Lethal Advantages. They tell me it only makes since to think seriously about protecting themselves, their wife and children. The world is so clearly more violent that people have called, e mailed and asked in person to give them some sort of advantage. After all, I must be holding something back, because I’m the expert, they said.

So why am I an expert? 

Here’s My Story:

My name is Christophe Clugston — and I´ve criss crossed the globe fighting. Not only am I a professional fighter, but I’ve been an innovator in the self defense field many people in the self defense circles often refer to me as the “Mozart of Self Defense Technology” . And that stems from…


You see, to make sure that I’m using the WORLD’S STRONGEST Self Defense technologies, I’ve battle tested and refined them in third world hell holes, actual war zones (more about one in a minute), and some of the world’s worst inner cities. Believe me, if I didn’t distill the best lethal technology for Urban Warfare, I wouldn’t still be here. This is no game: I wouldn’t be alive if I didn’t have LETHAL advantages.

Yeah, I’ve been around a little: In war zones in Asia and Central America, In urban crime zones in Africa and North America, In dodgy night life zones in Europe.

And every single one of these places built and defined my lethal arsenal, until I had a collection of Advantages. It’s these very Advantages to mortal hand to hand combat that made me ¨one of the few¨ go to guys to learn how to survive in hell.

So, to teach you about these Lethal Advantages you´re going to join me on a little trip to some of the most dangerous spots on the planet.

First stop: Burma

Welcome to HELL.

Listen, you might have seen Rambo 4. You know the movie where Rambo has to go into Burma and save some missionaries. Get this, I’ve been there, I’ve been in Burma and I’ve trained some who are fighting there. Point blank— the realties aren’t for your typical soccer mom. Not in the least.

That’s right, some of these Advantages I’m going to give you are exactly what I used for fighters in Burma.

¨There is no way to defend against these moves…I´m confident enough to have already used it in the field (though I can´t talk about it officially). It works.¨–G. Brittain, Agent Federal Drug Enforcement Agency

You may not be fighting for your survival in Burma, but take a moment to think about what I´m going to say next. Let it really sink in.

If what I show you works in those rape, torture hell holes it´ll definitely work where you live. And how much safer are you going to feel? How much more confident are you going to be having these lethal advantages?

Time for Reality.

The nature of warfare has changed: it´s no longer two opposing armies clearly defined out in the field. No. Those days of knowing who and where the bad guys are is long goneWarfare has turned ugly!!

Now it´s a maze of urban warfare, where the bad guys don’t wear uniforms telling you who they are. The only way you can tell the bad guys from the good guys is when suddenly they try to slice your throat after they have smiled at you. Those old skills and those old ways of fighting–I’m sure you’ve seen John Wayne movies–just won’t begin to save your live in the new modern era of terrorists and guerilla fighters.

You can´t look back.

And if you think that those WW II combatives are going to cut it, I’ve got news for you. Sure in their day they were as good as the rifles and communications systems that the soldiers used, but hey, technology has replaced those antiquated rifles and limited radios. Yeah sure there are a few “war nuts” who like to collect those old things, but they would never try to compete in the Modern Battle field with them. And the TRUTH is that unarmed combat has evolved also. You can’t begin to compete in the modern battlefield with those “old tricks.”

Exchange that ¨OLD bag of tricks¨ that doesn´t work anymore for LETHAL ADVANTAGES.

Let´s face it, the history of warfare always looks for new and better technology to defeat the bad guys. And in the new Super Dangerous Urban fighting era that means having something to stop the murderous attacks that can come from any direction. I think most of you have seen BLACK HAWK DOWN–can you imagine what it is like to be surrounded with a horde of bad guys all around? Well to keep you out of situations that bad,I´ve placed myself in some pretty bad positions to learn. In fact,

Many People Have Said That I Lead One Of The Most Dangerous Lives On The Planet!

And one of the places it took me to was…

Next stop: CAMBODIA.

What I learned from one of the most gruesome Reigns of Terror on the planet.

Do you remember the movie THE KILLING FIELDS? If you don’t remember it or haven’t seen it–go rent the DVD. After you watch it, I want you to imagine living in or trying to just survive in one of the most horrifying periods of mass torture and mass executions ever: the Khmer Rouge reign of terror.

You see, I not only found survivors from that death zone–but I found some secrets in Cambodia that allowed me to expand my arsenal of Xtreme Military Advantages.

Like I said I’ve criss crossed the globe finding the absolute best Advantages.



Bloody machete fights in the jungles of Central America!

I had to swear that I´d never tell the location, but I was there for some gruesome machete fights in the jungle of Central America. And I was there to compare notes against what many thought was the best jungle/urban weapon to use.

I can tell you as fact that as deadly as a machete is, I’ve got something for you even more dangerous. I and other Urban Warfare Insiders consider it the most deadly close combat weapon in existence. And, no, it’s not a gun and it’s not even a knife. And in North America you can´t put a machete in your car and legally drive around. But what I´ll be using is totally legal to carry around in your car. No one will even bat an eyelash…until you use it.

All of these travels and my personal encounters with extreme violence taught me several things.

Number 1 was that I had to have extremely fast answers to solve the problem.

Number 2 I had to have a system to teach others this information (as I´m concerned with saving as many lives as I possibly can).

Number 3 I had to be able to take others beyond anything traditional martial arts or MMA could do–and I had to be able to do it quickly.

So because of where I lived and traveled in the World I soon got to ¨battle test¨ my Lethal Advantages.

After doing the “battle testing” and living in 11 countries around the World — and counting — I believed I’d “cracked the code” and figured out a simple, step-by-step system that nearly ANY ONE can use to survive hand to hand encounters … consistently and easily.


I began teaching and training people on 3 continents in every terrain and climate possible.

And BAM!! my Lethal Advantages took surviving mortal hand to hand encounters to a near mathematical certainty.

And that´s why I can look you in the eye and say..

You´ll be able to take out a knife fighter as easily as stealing candy from a baby.

I hope that got your attention. So let´s just talk about some of the specifics. Are you ready?


I’m going to give you the fastest way to read an attack: yeah, that’s right, it’s called the segmentation line. This is exactly what I taught some of the most elite on the planet: the French Foreign Legion (they have the most elite special forces in the world–it’s so difficult to become a member that there are less than 20 in the World. Yeah, you read that correctly–less than 20.)


I’ll teach you how to use the most dangerous close quarter, in the trenches, fighting weapon. You’ll be able to take out a knife fighter as easily as stealing candy from a baby. You’ll even be able to take out a rifle bayonet fixed charge. And, this weapon is completely legal to carry.


I show you the only way to fight a knife fighter when you have absolutely nothing. This Advantage shows how all of those “would be experts” have never faced a real knife before. This information is worth 5 times the DVDs’ price. I get paid 400 Euros an hour to train people in knife fighting.

You’ll be able to crack a man as easily as breaking a twig in two.


I take you to the private world of the most dangerous hand to hand fighters in the world to learn Catch Wrestling forbidden locks and holds. You’ll be able to crack a man as easily as breaking a twig in two.


And if you think all of the above is exciting, wait ’til I tell you how to weed out all the useless, going to get yourself killed nonsense that other never been there, never done it would be exerts tell you. Don’t worry I’m going to give you an abundance of KILLER technologies.


I´ll give you the tools to instill more confidence. In fact, I´ll give you the Xtreme Military Advantage of working directly on your core mind.

Like I said I´ve criss crossed the globe finding the absolute best Advantages.

And after teaching and training people on 3 continents in every terrain and climate possible, I became convinced that just about anyone using the Lethal Advantages I´ve collected over the years can be successful surviving mortal hand to hand encounters–with a mathematical certainty.

In fact…

Here’s What Happened When My “MILITARY SKILLS” Were Put to the Test

“Clugston’s moves are more devastating than anything I ever learned in 10 years of intense military action–including the Falklands War and battling TERRORISTS in Northern Ireland–or in the years I’ve been training US SWAT teams: in high stress, high speed instinctive shooting. This guy is the real thing”
– Dave Smith, Tactical Firearms Instructor,(Bodyguard to people whose names can’t be mentioned) and former Corporal 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, Royal British Army

“This is razor-edge technology, training and fighting philosophy that takes real fighting to an unparalleled level. No guesswork here. This is easy stuff to learn. Buy and study these… and become safe on the street where fighting is terribly real.”
– Bruce Bonnell from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

“I learned more useful skills in one hour training with Christophe than in one year of Martial Arts training.”–Dr. Risner, South Carolina

I served with the 7th Special Forces Group as a light weapons Sgt. in the mid to late 70’s and then was with Army Delta at it’s conception. I’ll just say that if you are really concerned about your safety and that of the people you love and don’t want to be a victim, then get this tape and put it to use. Take it from someone who knows the real things when He sees it. CLUGSTON WALKS THE WALK!!!
– Guy Falkinburg from Abilene, Texas United States

“Pick any of Clugston’s tapes and you will not miss… they give you street ‘tools’ that work and that have been real-world tested. Clugston provides some of the most effective material, combined with a unique teaching approach that is unsurpassed. This could be the greatest life-insurance investment you will ever make.”
– Carl Anderson from Indy, Indiana

“There is no way to defend against these moves—they are based on simple actions, yet are devastating beyond belief. All of my official training assumes I’ll be armed and backed up, but that’s not always the case. I Have already used it in the field, I can’t talk about it OFFICIALLY. It works.”
– G. Brittan, Drug Enforcement Agency

“I’ve only been exposed to Christophe’s training a short time (videos) and when my house burned down and I caught a looter twice my size stealing stuff, it only took one move to put him down until the cops arrived. This is so simple and easy to learn. It’s amazing!”
– Shel Schoonover, California

I had trained personally with Christophe a short period of time when a street person tried to bother by car and myself at a bus station. The whole fight lasted maybe 15 seconds, maybe.” (translated from the original Spanish)
– Javier Mingo, school director, Spain


More about my status as ¨the man to go to¨…

You see I was hand picked to be on several TV and Radio programs and interviewed for newspapers and magazines. And it’s not just because I speak 4 languages. No, even though that’s a big help, the staff had heard about my abilities and stunning performance of my students and wanted to know more.

For example..

Maybe you’ve heard about my very popular Combat JKD tapes,and my Comhrac Bas DVDs. Or maybe you know about the next generation NEXUS or VDA DVDs all got great reviews from those “in the know.”

Or, you might’ve read my interview in BLACKBELT magazine. Maybe you read what I wrote in KARATE INTERNATIONAL. Or, if you were in Spain you might’ve seen me using my advantages against a real knife attack on LIVE TV.
Maybe you were in French, Canada you might’ve read about me in several Newspapers or heard me interviewed on Radio. And if you were in Ontario, Canada near Toronto, you might’ve caught the interview with some of my seminar students that was on Cable TV And if you lived in the USA you might’ve read about me in Newspapers or heard me on Talk Radio in Oklahoma.

And one thing was ¨common ground¨ in all of the programs and interviews…they were amazed at how well my technology worked (and this wasn´t the Lethal Advantages this was far tamer material). It wasn´t like anything they had seen or done before (many of these people were seasoned martial artists).

And they all wanted to know more.

But. it wasn´t going to be as simple as that.

Believe me I refused for years to hand out the most lethal and deadly material to normal people. This was material that was only for the most select of urban and jungle fighters on the planet. The was fighting at its most lethal.

These Xtreme Military Advantages were only for some of the most elite, restricted urban fighters on the Planet.

You see in the past there were only two ways to get these Special Military Hand 2 Hand-Weapon skills?.

1) Try to do it on your own. Which entails YEARS of brutal injuries, world wide travel,spending at least 40 thousand dollars, sacrificing jobs, relationships, health and even your own life. Years of living in pain. Yeah, good luck.

(By the way, that’s totally unnecessary, now.)

2) To be in a small elite group that was cleared to learn this information.

Yeah, that was it. Nope. NO other way. But hey, that was then and this is now. And a strange turn of events has offered you a THIRD way.

You see,

A few years back I was talked into doing a seminar for cops, military and “normal” people. It was the first time outside of elite units that I’d shown any of this material. We captured it on film–but the film was lost for a year or more. And when we finally got the film it was no good. That’s right, all of that effort and we couldn’t get it to work.


The tapes were nearly destroyed..we couldn´t get them to work.

So a few more years pass and I´d really given up on the films. However some new equipment was avaiable and we went at the film again–this time with some technological advances and some very expensive equipment. BINGO! We got the film.

Once we got the film (I celebrated for two days over that) I decided that we needed to bring in an ultra fast film editor to give it a no time wasted approach. And that’s exactly what I did. I got a film school graduate to make the two discs contain more information than you’d find on 5 DVDs. We know that everyone has a pause and rewind control–we know you are bored with DVDs that cover the same thing 5 times–so we saved you time and space. And the quality picture is beautiful to see the details.

But one thing that I’ve got to warn you about:


This is from our Asian offices–and we’re flying under the radar on this one (lethal information like this isn’t supposed to just go out). So you got to get it NOW!!!!

You’ll Know More About Surviving Life-Or-Death Urban Warfare (not just Violent Street Crime)
Than Most Traditional Martial Artists and MMA guys.

Take a look back at the 6 Lethal Advantages that I mentioned. You ready for that sort of power? As if those weren´t enough to obliterate any Bad Guy. I added some important BONUSES.


Not only do you get the most detailed, scientific, real world tested technology, but you get the finest knife fighting defense ever shown on DVD. This information will instantly put you heads and shoulders above all of those would be experts.


They can´t lie to you anymore. That´´s right. Even those who think they know what they are doing can´´t begin to impress you. You will their lies for what they are: dangerous snake oil salesman´s attempts to take your wallet and leave you dead using inferior traditional martial arts or MMA.

At this point I don´t have to remind you that we live in a violent world, where good people like you get beaten, stabbed, strangled, mugged, robbed, raped, and shot to death EVERY DAY!
Please remember,it’s not just you who’s in danger — but also your wife or your girl-friend… your mother and father… your children and relatives.

And the only way out of that is for you to take action. And now that you´re ready to get my most Lethal Sklils that I´ve ever let out to the public..

You bet I know your next question..

So what´s it going to cost me?
Well, bottom line it all comes down to what your life is worth or what protecting the lives of your loved ones is worth. Hell, what a mixed up world we live in when you pay far more for tennis lessons than I charge to SAVE your life.In fact, you´ll spend far more trying to have a family night out or if you´re single a normal date. And while those might be fun, they can´t save your life. In fact, you´re not much good if you can´t protect your family or your date, are you?

Look, I am always open to the most sincere people who want to learn. I encourage people to train with me personally. It´s always the best method. Your time is valuable and mine is also. You will have to come where I am in the World–that might mean Asia or you could fly me to your location, but none of it is going to cost as little as these two DVDs. No. No way in HELL are you going to begin to get this information at this steal of a price. Even those traditional Martial Arts and MMA lessons are going to cost you more and get you nowhere in this violence mess we live in now.

I could talk on and on about how you spend more for movies in a month or golf games or golf lessons, or what have you. But, come on I think we both know you´re smart enough to realize how small this investment really is and how great the returns of increased power, confidence, and attitude can be.

So here it is:
Both DVDs are released in the fresh cooked version for $300.00 shipping to anywhere on the planet. OH wait, Sale price to follow

Over a Hundred Dollars  Slashed Off

Or you can use Western Union (if you want faster service just contact us on alternative shipping methods).

Best regards,

Christophe Clugston

PS I´m going to give the first 100 people who get these two DVDs a special offer for personal training that´ll be good for 6 months. This is a BIG DEAL. NOthing is better than personally training with me. This´ll motivate the very astute among you–so hurry to be part of that elite group.

PSS I´m also going to give the first 100 people a few back copies of my Inner Core information. This is info that isn´t shared with anyone outside my select group. You´re going to some of the most popular topics we ever kept to ourselves. That means over specific trining, specific mind set, specific stories form the fray, etc. But, only if you are in the first 100 to get these DVDs.

PSSS I need to tell you what some of the people told me about the benefits to this training. They said they were able to think faster, focus more clealy and erradicate indecision.They said they felt it in every aspect of their lives: work, business and in friendly tennis games (well maybe not so friendly tennis games). They said they were just another level up from everyone else. So if you want that type of added clairty don´t wait to grab these DVDs now.

Regular Price $300.

But not now…



Questions on DVDs check FAQs page. Buying DVDs is 100% binding to our terms listed, no exceptions.