Win Fights with K.O. Power and no fists win fights with knock out power

Learn how to win fights with Knock Out Power-

I want to Win Fights by K.O.  without using my Fists



(How to Knock Out your attacker without your fists)

Dear Future KO Artist

Let´s face it, you need effective, powerful, and DEVASTATING skills to use in real NO RULES, NO QUARTER street attacks.

If you ever wanted to understand how to develop awesome Knock Out power like Mike Tyson but even better, then this DVD is definitely for you. It´s an in DEPTH study of the two most powerful weapons.

These are absolutely the best weapons to use in those ¨oh no, the sh** has hit the fan¨ moments. This DVD captures for the first time The K.O. Method. It´s virtually a ZIP FILE of information. You’ll be able to understand and use every bit of power you have. It will guide you through using No Fault Learning to establish the relentless power you need for those WORST CASE SCENARIOS.

Additionally, this DVD truly breaks new ground. It is a one of a kind course that gives you the KO Power you need. Unlike some of those other videos that you need 3 weeks and a set of Cliff Notes to understand, this DVD guarantees to be the easiest way to learn REAL WORLD K.O. STRIKES. Once you unlock the contents in this DVD you will be trained  in a way that you will naturally understand.

“This is razor-edge technology, training and fighting philosophy that takes real fighting to an unparalleled level. No guesswork here. This is easy stuff to learn. Buy and study these… and become safe on the street where fighting is terribly real.”
– Bruce Bonnell from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

You really will be amazed at how much better you will be in such a short period of time. Once again, I GUARANTEE that this K.O. information will make you a better fighter.


You have to remember that I have been giving this guarantee for 24 years and NO ONE has ever disputed this claim. That´s 24 years of teaching people in 7 countries, in 3 languages, from one on one training to seminars of 100 people at a time. I have literally trained thousands in person.

And get this–not a one of them, ever left my training without a substantial increase in his or her ability to defend himself or herself.

There´s a reason why NO ONE has ever accepted my teaching challenge–there simply is not a person crazy enough to think they can out teach me. It cannot be done. And now I am about to show you in more detail, with more clarity exactly why this is true. I am going to give you inside short cuts–you will have crucial info that unlocks your  K.O. Power to Win Fights. By the way, this info has saved me more than once in dangerous street fights.

In the name of Full Disclosure–what make me so certain about this material?

Number 1) I have spent the majority of my life learning about fighting. I travelled across the World to meet those who had ¨the secrets¨of combat. And I didn´t stop there. I went much further. I fought as a professional fighter, worked high risk security at the Olympics, bounced in slug fest bars, survived attacks in dirt poor third world countries, provided personal protection for several celebs and amassed a huge library about physical/mental training filled with the most current ELITE research into human performance.

Number 2) With my one of a kind background I know for certain that


You see those complicated 12 step, flying kick, or complex grappling moves are going to leave you when you are exposed to bed wetting, stomach twisting stress and fear. You know when the sh** hits the fan. (In fact, those of you who want the science behind all of this can read about the Yerkes Dodson Paradigm to find the scientific validation for what I am about to tell you.)

Number 3) I´ll tell you a secret: all of this specialized insider only training led me to a truth: and its pretty simple if you know it, but that´s the catch,
not 1 in 700 Martial Experts has an idea.

You see…. here´s the truth…


And you know what? That´s EXACTLY what this DVD is all about. THow to win fights with K.O. power.

It will give you the tools it takes to obliterate any attacker.

Take a look at a small sample contained in this ZIP FILE of MONSTER STRIKING.

* The lie about tension.

* The unseen elbow that cuts them to ribbons.

* How what most people teach takes away your power and drops your speed.

* The secret to rotational/kinetic fight stopping Knock Out power.

* How to use your own personal HATCHET to hack your way to safety.

* How a sleight dip can multiply your power.

* How a simple ¨dual action¨ will result in TRAIN WRECK damage to the attacker.

And if that were not enough you will also learn how to counter the EMOTIONAL DRAIN that can leave you as helpless as a new born baby. That is one of those important ¨pro”  skills that those who haven´t been there can never teach you.

If you cannot perform under stress–then you cannot win in balls out, gutter fighting for your life encounters.

I´ll teach you how to develop RAZOR like elbows and big power knees. You´ll slash your attacker to ribbons while impacting like CANNON fire. Think about it: the power of a cannon and the slicing of a military saber. All of this is contained in a sequential, structured, K.O. learning system unique to my unmatched style of teaching. I leave no grey area for you to ponder, no detail unanswered, nothing

Simply said, this is the most exhaustive study of REAL  use to date. This is not sport fighting, this is not ritualized traditional martial arts–this is the REAL thing. .


And it doesn´t get more real than that my friend. I´ve been there and I´m here to tell you that what you´ll find on this one of a kind DVD will give you an immediate jump start to success.

Truly, I am more than a little proud of this DVD.

Like I said this is great information. Once you unlock the contents you will have more real world fighting information than you ever thought possible. This is a no time wasted, functional only teaching method. This approach puts you in charge of what is useful. There is no time spent giving you flashy, complicated, artificial techniques.

additionally, this is a One of a KIND personal  instruction with me. And the beauty of this is that you can go over and over every minute detail (because I give you the Learning Steps). You virtually are going to be a PHD in the use of elbows and knees.

I´ll say it to you straight: This information is worth a great deal of money. Once again This ZIP FILE style DVD utilizes Condensed Time Learning strategies that will save you hundreds of hours of frustration and lost time.

Here´s the reality–if you wanted to do it the way I learned you would have to travel the World and study the Eastern Bloc biomechanics in a University (that would be at least $29,000 dollars). You would have to go to every expert that had PART of the answer (that would cost you over $40,000 dollars). You would have to travel in war zones and third world hell holes to witness and study Life and Death Fighting (that would cost you at least $50,000 dollars not to mention being extremely dangerous to your health)..

And then you would have to do the final most important step–you would have to field test your ideas in the only place that counts: REAL WORLD FIGHTING (and you are going to pick up some injuries along the way–medical costs would be???).

And if you wanted to short cut these steps you could come to me for just a few thousand dollars (which is a great bargain also) to learn this information.


you could take the easy way out and simply get this DVD. Think about it, you are getting all of the experience and all of the real world application research and development done for you (you add up how much all of that would cost).

In fact one of my students did that and he said that if you figured out how much all of the time and all of the experience and all of the pain and suffering that went into knowing these Win Fights with K.O. power.

He said ‘This DVD would be a steal at at any price’


These skills are a MUST for anyone who needs to increase POWER and needs that POWER FAST!

These skills are so crucial to your survival that I decided this was the perfect DVD to use to:

*Allow every person who needs this sort of power a way to get it

* Introduce you to our technology–imagine what else I know

* Help you save time and energy and money

* Give you no excuses for not learning

You see I want you to have the opportunity to know how powerful my information is, how profound is my understanding of fighting, how dedicated I am to giving you the BEST solutions for Real World Survival.

That I’m going to allow you to virtually  steal this information

And it´s a BIG risk. That´s right you see we´re not a big company that sells millions of copies. We don´t have a big budget, or any budget at all really, for advertising or marketing. So we count on those of you who know value and are smarter than the MMA brain washed wanna be fighter to know what you need.

And at the price I am going to tell you it just BARELY covers all of our expenses in making this DVD (it certainly doesn´t pay what it took me to learn this information) This is a very risky financial move for us. And I cannot promise that the price will be this low very long.

I talked to my European Director and he said that we would be okay to break even at $99.00.


Well, like I said I´m going to go even lower than that (for now). I am going to let you steal this information from me (in the hopes that you will see its power and get some of my other DVDs like Enhanced Anti Grappling, NEXUS 1 and Nexus 2, RAW, Enhanced DRILLS, etc).

So here´s how you can steal this DVD from me.

$75.00 for anywhere in the World (just double click below)


Christophe Clugston

PS-Really I don´t know how long we can afford to give this information away at this price (this price may raise at any time). So you better steal it now.

PSS- Do us a favor and tell your friends about this amazing power–or get a copy for them.

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