Beginner’s Package A

If you are ready to jump your training up a level this  is exactly what you need. All of the following steps are what I’ve found to benefit the student’s growth greatly.

This  is the direct result of 20 years of teaching combat to thousands of people. So be ready to be confident, skilled and powerfull.


Start Training by getting the following

What you are about to learn is Combat Science.


Step ONE

Get the RAW Fighting Technology: RAW

Step TWO

Defeat Multiple Attackers: NEXUS 

Step THREEBeyond Olympic Performance: Inside The Code

Step FOUR 
No Fault Learning–Understand It All: The Blue Print

 Step FIVE
 Explode Your Conditioning: X Drills
Step SIX Be Cool Wear The OFFICIAL Training  Shirt (XL only right now): PROELIUM ARST Shirt FrontT Shirt Back



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