Why Us?

See if our values match yours…

First and foremost we honor the truth. 

We deliver direct, effective and powerful techniques to Counter High Threat Violence.


We don’t believe in theories–we believe in results. We’re here to make you safe.

 Honoring the truth  requires our values to be set around serious results.

Our students confront the truth about where and how violence occurs. We realize that violence is not  a sport and we certainly don’t try to impose a sport fighting method on our students.  

Our students realize the environment in which attacks occur and how people are dressed–that’s why you won’t see us training students wearing gis and going barefoot.

Our students realize that attacks occur mainly outdoors in a variety of environments where cold and snow, rain and mud, heat and sweat, grass, sand, tar, broken glass are the norm and MMA mats are not. In fact. we are the only system developed and trained in jungle, arctic and urban environments.  

Our students  realize that like shooting a gun there are only a few techniques that work and in the confusion and stress of a mortal conflict that only direct, effective and powerful techniques work. That’s why we don’t make our students collectors of thousands of techniques.  Just like shooting, we hard-wire skills to be effective in a variety of environments. And that’s why our training is very different.

Our students realize the truth of being vulnerable in these situations: 

1.no lighting,
2.no footing,
3.no space,
4.no time to think

And, we truly realize that hope is NOT a strategy.

Our students are those who don’t want to waste time with hundreds of hours of sport fighting training or the thousands of hours of traditional martial arts training. Our students learn efficient, effective, direct and powerful real world skills.

 Do those values resonate with you?

Here is a glimpse of one of our fighting systems 

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