Why Us?


Forget the free MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ videos from wannabe experts

it’s about your life and not some match.

obviously you need something far stronger than a sport.


So wake the hell up,  don’t buy into their cults because the truth is...

the sport fighting, MMA or Traditional Martial Arts gyms and videos, offer only Techniques.

Millions of Techniques without Strategy, Tactics and Structure = No System for reality!

No Fighting System=Failure & possible Death.

 Showing techniques is easy there are countless places to learn them–some probably next door to you. I’m sure you or your friends know where to find  MMA, boxing, karate, Muay Thai, you name it. Because it’s easy. What it takes an expert to teach you is strategy, tactics and a system designed for violence. The brutal truth is that those with this operational experience are rare. For example, who do you know that teaches something more valuable than a sport and more powerful than some out dated traditional funny clothes wearing art?  You know, who trains you to win,  when they want to kill you? 

Well it’s not any of those sports and traditional martial arts guys.

They got no chance in hell because they can’t fight when there is 

1.no lighting,
2.no footing,
3.no space,
4.no time to think
In fact, if you have to think about it–you’re already 75% dead.

And, remember, Hope is NOT a strategy.

OK, so who has the real answers?

The answer, the legitimate, true answer is very few.  And get this, those few are highly secretive, highly selective and  highly restrictive to the general public. To tell you the truth we were the same (Clugston Combat Systems) and it’s why we have trained elite military units, government agents and private contractors. Now, however, we’ve decided to also make parts of our system available to serious people (like you) who need to survive extreme violence. Our system is designed for those people who don’t want to waste time with hundreds of hours of sport fighting training or the thousands of hours of traditional martial arts training to get some sort of dodgy skill. In contrast, we offer you fast and effective answers.

 Here is a glimpse about our system.

If you’re looking for the best fighting system…

you’re looking for a fighting system that has adaptable strategy and tactics: a solid  learning  structure with a proven real world track record.

7 Quick Facts about Clugston Combat Systems

  • What makes this fighting system special?  Clugston Combat Systems is based on  Scientific Technology and Empirical Results not Tradition
  • How is it better than other styles?  Our fighting system  has STRUCTURE, based on empirical results not theory or  gym practice.
  • Who founded the system? Our fighting system is built on pioneering work done by a professional fighter, military trainer and noted fighting expert
  • Why do you say it’s has the best results? It has saved countless lives since 1995–read our testimonials
  • Why would students benefit from it? It makes them powerful, skilled and confident to handle violence.
  • Besides saving time and money what else is a legitimate benefit? Finally learn from a veteran with operational experience not some “kid” wannabe with Youtube videos.
  • Who uses it? Professional fighters, military, DEA and 80% of the most serious self defense students.
Here is a glimpse of our fighting system 

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