Want to become an Expert?

When you’re ready to Dominate 

Mega Systems are the zenith of technological structure:  they combine Apps and Systems in a synergistic way to form a powerful new operating system that is unmatched.

 This will take your understanding of Life and Death Combat  to a much deeper level.

Mega Systems

 What you are about to embark on is the highest level of fighting possible (scientific, verifiable, isomorphic Combat Science). It covers fighting in Urban, Arctic and Jungle environments. You will also learn how to dismantle all forms of fighting methods you might encounter (JKD, Krav Maga, WW2 Combatives. etc.) This training requires a total commitment from the student.

It’s Not for Everyone: These are attributes that are technologically driven. Not everyone can make it to the basic attribute level to properly install a mega system. Those that can are indeed the Elite.

Within Clugston Combat Systems’ technological structure we have two Mega Systems


It is ONLY taught to military or private contractors for War environments. This dismantles the sport oriented military systems en vogue with ease


This signifies the highest technological structure we have  developed. It, literally,  encompasses the entire gambit of Apps, Systems (e.g., VDA, Combat JKD, Comhrac Bas, etc.) and the Mega System KRD.  This is a highly sought after, rarely obtained qualification. It requires selection and evaluation to be accepted into this training. Calling it elite would be an understatement.


These are learned only through in person training–there are NO (and will NOT be) DVDs of this material.