Our Fighting System


 Here is a glimpse about our system.

Here are 7 facts about our fighting system:

  • What makes this fighting system special?  Clugston Combat Systems is based on  Scientific Technology and Empriical Results not Tradition
  • How is it better than other styles?  Our fighting system  has STRUCTURE, based on empirical results, pioneered by a man who has fought, under the worst conditions, around the World,  it has saved countless lives since 1995–read our testimonials
  • Why would students benefit from it? It makes them powerful, skilled and confident and it saves them time and money. Finally learn how to survive life and death combat from a legitimate veteran expert not some “kid” wannabe with Youtube videos and  no experience.
  • Unique proof? The system has proven itself on 5 continents
  • What environments is suited for? Proven from city to jungle from protests to warzones
  • How long has it been around? It’s a modern system that has been used effectively for 23 years
  • Find out why 80% of the most serious self defense students use our fighting system

Here is a glimpse of our fighting system 


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