Counter Violence Training

I don’t want a sport, I need something real

Simply, if you want to survive  life and death violence you need solid information and technology. Powerful technology must be structured to be useful. To that end, Clugston Combat Systems whole heartily embraces the application of Mutant Theory (if you are unacquainted with it–you can follow up with us to learn more).

And, conversely, what is of no value must be removed. What doesn’t work in life and death struggles is an adherence to frivolous traditional martial arts or misapplied sport fighting techniques.

So let’s get right to some specifics to fluently survive life and death struggles (get more info by sending us your e mail in the box below).

Point  One:

It is imperative to use the proper design for the specific environment. In the real world of senseless lethal violent attacks and unpredictable street fights using either traditional martial arts or a sport fighting method is as useful as trying to drive a go-kart in the Arctic snow. That is to say, no matter who the driver is, the go-kart is just the wrong vehicle for the environment. To continue the example, what is needed in the Arctic is a snowmobile. And it follows that what is needed when confronted with life and death violent attacks is a properly designed technology.  One specifically structured for mortal combat.

Point Two:

The design must be structured for the worst case environments and not the best case environments. Clugston Combat Systems has a notable inventory of methods that allows us to match the correct technology to the “worst case environments” you might find yourself in. In comparison, this is not what sport fighting is designed to do at all. It is important that you realize that sport fighting takes place in a well lit, clean, even footing, well known space that is free of dangerous environmental objects (the surface is padded, posts are padded, ropes or cage  added to contain the fighting area and keep the contest one on one). These aspects cannot be assumed in life and death fights that take place in  environments of concrete and steel.

Our skill technology is structured for the realities of life and death combat. If you want to learn  more specifics of our  technology–contact us..