Knife Protection Skills




Worldwide, Blades Kill more People

than any other Weapon


Develop Skills to  stop it



  1. Knife attacks require special skills.
  2. MMA style training will not help you against a blade.
  3. In fact, many sport fighting methods that work well in the ring or cage will get you killed when facing a blade.


Live or Die?

Facing a blade requires serious training:

  1. attributes must be developed,
  2. specific knife skills
  3. attacks and counters must be learned.
  4. Ability to handle random stabs or cuts has to be mastered
  5. truth must be given–sadly most people are taught patterns against slow and compliant partners who never simulate the actual speed, aggression, manner and resolve of true blade attacks.
 This is an Interview I did for a Russian Project (in English)

Our technology gives you skills

  1. We don’t  give you a lot of worthless tradition and cultural baggage.
  2. We  give you functional methods that are designed to keep you alive.
  3. We give you a skill  structure that works–you will not be given some inane numbering system or some drill that doesn’t work when your life is on the line.
  4. We give you  the technology to survive knife attacks..

Here are some recent comments from some people who passed Level 1 M-Tech Hybrid Blade certification (note: because of integration of K.A.R.M..A. we have better integrated blade work and it is now known as Zero Distance Blade)

‘Just finished the 1st chapter of hybrid knife fighting and defense with Christophe. Has been a very intense and interesting training that made me realize how a street-knife fight can really be , gave me the knowledge of how stressful, hard, tiring and dangerous can really be when someone wants to hit you with a knife and also how to react , move and think in those situations.

I gained knowledge also on the natural body movements and limits ( things you need to know perfectly if you end up in a knife fight/attack). I learnt the different ways to use a knife ( European and Asian ) , how to use it in both attacks and defense actions and also to defend myself from a knife attack if I don’t have any weapon with me. I know to gain enough knowledge it’s probably endless because all the new weapon technologies are always improving , but for sure I can say that now I have much more opportunities to be able to defend myself’

–Enrico, Italy
‘With Christophe I learned what it means to fight knife, a complete set of skills needed from foot steps to movement perception. I not only learned techniques of defense and attack both with knife or unharmed but furthermore how hard it could be in real situation. Definitely recommended.’
–Daniele, Italy

We provide Special  Skills for normal people and for military/private contractors at squad, team or company specific training.


Note because of the lethal nature and specialized technology training is contingent upon approval.

We have found for both civilian and military use that our special training for 5 to 7 inch blades is the most valuable real world skill to acquire (remember that we do train from folder to sword)


This Training is available via Seminars and Private Training

Recently we adapted the Zero Distance Blade Method so that it could be a stand alone domain–via small classes, seminars, workshops,.  That means you do not need prior training with us to start blade training. Our Zero Distance Blade Method (combining Occidental and Oriental functional blade fighting) has proven itself for over 20 years.