Do you want to improve your fighting Game of Thrones style?

Can You Really Learn How to Fight from Game of Thrones?

We at Clugston Combat Systems are going to give you the inside  coolness..ready?

The program Game of Thrones has become a veritable staple of pop culture.  It has introduced political machinations in the vehicle of fantasy mixed with warriors, witches and dragons.  We see betrayal and acts of torture that would make you question if these characters were ever human or not.  But what else has this program spawned?


Well, it has been an avenue for showing some interesting (albeit, many times, unrealistic) fighting.  We have a one armed swordsman, a huge power fighter, the Mountain, deceitful guys that “cheat” their way to dispatching their opponents. Still, in all of this there is an occasional bit of reality and strategy that can be seen.


Today that is exactly what I am going to look at.  The video I am posting is a contest between the Red Viper and Mountain. Now while there is a lot of stupidity–the taking about what is going to happen is not a hallmark of real fighting–there are some things that should be noted.


the Red Viper is sure to excite all of the TMA people as he does a lot of acrobatic moves.  And in this case, those moves are warranted.  You see we have a classic match up of speed versus power.  The prince needs to user large space and his ability to move to win.  In fact, I will just give a check list of what each fighter must do.

red viper vs mountain



Keys to Victory

  1. use mobility
  2. keep the fight on the outside
  3. do not engage in long exchanges
  4. hit and move away
  5. attempt to weaken his opponent before accomplishing anything else–that means do not try to kill him in one attack
  6. use the inherent advantage of a spear over a sword

Keys to Losing

  1. being caught in a place he cannot move
  2. having to contend directly with the size and weight of his opponent
  3. fighting close
  4. not enough energy to continue moving
  5. fighting without weapons


Keys to Victory

  1. fight close
  2.  make the fight about power
  3. fight unarmed vs unarmed
  4. let his opponent exhaust himself  moving
  5. engage trying to end it in a brief moment
  6. do not get drawn into chasing the opponent for a long period of time

Keys to Losing

  1. chasing the opponent and missing
  2. staying on the outside
  3. allowing the spear to dictate the distance
  4. not compensating for the superior athletic/acrobatic ability of his opponent
  5.  running out of gas unable to fight for long periods of time


Now watch the following clip, pick your fighter and then compare what happens with what I’ve listed. If you feel like it leave a comment on what you would have done.

watch the fight here

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