Are Fighters Just Better Athletes?



Fighters–the  Better Athletes

In the World of athletics there are those who are able to learn new skills quickly and there are those that never seem to get it. The term “good athlete” is usually applied to someone who can adjust to and learn new skills regardless that he/she didn’t have a background in the area.  In fact, this was an area that the former Eastern Bloc countries worked on extensively.  That is they (the Athletic Ministry) actively tested kids at different ages to discover those that had natural aptitude for rapid neuromuscular learning.


It was with these kids that  they would invest their time, money and best training. There was an empirical level applied in the Soviet training that the rest of the world was lacking.  They just hadn’t learned that science applied to sports and human endeavor could pay off as handsomely as it had in medicine, transportation or production. For some reason those who had applied science to textile plants, automobiles, and  neurosurgery neglected using it in sports. They were still in the dark–the Dark ages of hit and miss. a time of loosely defined training protocols and little research.  Well, fighters being athletes that must demonstrate a great deal of ability in a variety of athletic endeavors were often considered prime candidates to perform well in a myriad of differing events.

Clugston Combat Systems has always used this empirical method to develop skill and ability. We recognize that fighters are great all around athletes.


This ability to adapt quickly to a new skill is seen in the video below. And it really does bring the question to the forefront: Are fighters just better athletes?

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