What it Takes to Win a Street Fight

To Win a Street Fight

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To come out the winner in a street fight can mean a few different things to different people.

In the basest sense it means to survive with no injuries.  This is the goal of self defense training.  To take all sorts of people of varying ages, weights and coordination and give them skills that will give them “the” insurance policy for street violence.


Just like an insurance plan–the more you put into it the better coverage you will have.

This means getting the best policy that is comprehensive in all situations.  If a policy only covered you in one location it would be worthless if you were outside that location. So you need a policy that will cover you in all settings.  Now not every would be provider can give this to you.  Nope. You got to go to a specialist that has specialized experience.


Here  at Clugston Combat Systems we offer a variety of coverages.

We can take you from merely surviving (which is an admirable thing in itself) to pulverizing your attacker.  We can cover you in the low light settings, the crowded settings, the arctic settings, the urban settings, the jungle settings, the wide open spaces in your homeland or abroad. It won’t be a feel good back slapping fake internet marketing hype training. You will KNOW because you’ve had to do it–that you have REAL Skills and real CONFIDENCE with solid technologies.


One of the powerful modules we offer is VDA.

Take a look at a few segments. Now if you think it’s just about technique–that’s where you will falter. To Win requires a paradigm shift. If you haven’t even encountered others who talk about this–then you know they haven’t the experience to give you the right policy.  Now this is not a FREE tutorial (for the scamming sorts) it’s an indication of a mere fraction of what we do. Before a bunch of martial arts types try to critique COMBAT Artists from this–I invite them to attend actual training and then instead of speaking out of ignorance to talk from experience.

Remember: We are Not the cheapest, we’re not the most expensive. We’re just the BEST


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