What the hell did Bas Ruten hit him with?

Well, time to learn a little something from Bas Ruten. I don’t post a bunch of moves and say these are good moves. No, I RARELY talk about good moves because there are few, good, work all the time moves. And I save my technologies for those that have demonstrated they are worth my investing in them

But, back to this gem you will see. It’s the Horizontal Fly Swatter (as I put the Fly Swatter on CB tapes 1 back in 1996–so this is a move we’ve been using for longer than the new crop of wannabe fighting gurus have been out of grade school). This will change the game pretty quickly. It can be done in the rain, cold, heat, bright sunny days at the beach, dark nights in an alley–basically it fits the bill for being a good move.

So check out Bas. He’s a great analytical fighter. He’s been to most every great sport fighter’s camp. And, on top of that, he doesn’t like Steven Segal


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