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 ‘Mr Clugston is the real deal. He offers practical solutions in self defense . I highly recommend personal training with Mr Clugston. He unlocks your unique way of coping with violence. An effective structured yet individual way of facing and surviving violence.’ Ned, Wichita, KS

Christophe, you sir, are EVERY BIT as much of a fighting icon as the late great Muhammad Ali. If =anyone= deserves such title of “The Greatest,” it would be you. Torches are meant to be carried and passed, and a true combat legend such as yourself deserve more than anyone else in the world to carry the legendary torch that Mr. Ali has passed down to.–Terry Rowan

I traveled all the way to Thailand to train with the legendary
Christophe Clugston. One amazing coach. I was at the peak of my fitness
(that is gym + cardio) but in a few minutes he had my heart racing like it
was 3 days worth of gym workouts combined into 10 minutes.

M. Jamal

‘Just finished the 1st chapter of hybrid knife fighting and defense with Christophe. Has been a very intense and interesting training that made me realize how a street-knife fight can really be , gave me the knowledge of how stressful, hard, tiring and dangerous can really be when someone wants to hit you with a knife and also how to react , move and think in those situations.

I gained knowledge also on the natural body movements and limits (things you need to know perfectly if you end up in a knife fight/attack). I learnt the different ways to use a knife (European and Asian) , how to use it in both attacks and defense actions and also to defend myself from a knife attack if I don’t have any weapon with me. I know to gain enough knowledge it’s probably endless because all the new weapon technologies are always improving , but for sure I can say that now I have much more opportunities to be able to defend myself’

–Enrico, Italy
With Christophe I learned what it means to fight knife, a complete set of skills needed from foot steps to movement perception. I not only learned techniques of defense and attack both with knife or unharmed but furthermore how hard it could be in real situation. Definitely recommended.’
–Daniele, Italy

Hey Christophe,

Just thought I would give a quick review of your XMA DVDs I got earlier this week.
This stuff is absolutely genius!! All the moves you taught are so deceptively simple yet are light years ahead of everything else I have ever trained in……and I have trained with and seen A LOT of so called “experts” teach defenses and fighting against weapons and regular street attacks.  Being an analytical person I can normally spot faults in what people teach pretty easily but your stuff is dang near bulletproof; you honestly just can’t lose if you use the technology that you show.
Anyway that was a long way of saying that your stuff is awesome.
 Best Regards,

 My students value the Truth.


‘Christophe Clugston gives you the hard truth.’

–C. Hazel, US Army

‘I have no problem with people finding solutions on topics, but concerning life and death situations I find it extremely uncomfortable seeing advice given by so many simply because they want to play in the game– which in the end gets the believer killed and afterwards the instructors washing their hands in innocence. And even the same [from] some other bystanders [that]  have arrogancy and ignorance to blame the ones reaching the truth and saying it. I can only say one will hardly find a more honest mentor than Christophe Clugston.’

–Nick Parker, Germany


“Hey Christophe! My name is Chris.S from California. I just wanted to say thank you for your investment in my personal well being as a martial artist and protector for my family. I ordered your Combat JKD and Nexus dvds just recently and I have to say this is why people call you the Mozart of Fighting! I agree with what you said in the Nexus dvd that the advanced trapping and intricacies of JKD is too fancy and unrealistic in the street. Therefore your technologies from Mike Sanlin and Comhrac Bas along your whole Proelium Ars curriculum is the ideal system of fighting technology that no other style or system can compare with in this day and age. I would hope one day to make it over to your area to train with you and your crew and to one day learn from you Christophe in person…I would love to Master Comhrac Bas sometime is my lifetime. I always tell myself that sometimes I have to learn from the best to be the best for myself.
Thanks Christophe. “

‘”I do not care what you have tried, because I have more than likely tried it too and still never felt secure. If you want something that can make you feel safe in front of a strongman pumped full of steroids, a UFC pro-fighter, a gangbanger, or a super-soldier that has lost his mind there is absolutely nothing out there except what Christophe teaches that can pull that off.”

–C. Doeling

Hello Christophe,

This may be a long email but here it goes.

I have been a fan of your teachings and work since I purchase Combat JKD several years ago.  I have studied what feels like every martial style under the sun from Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aikido and even the “Modern” arts of Krav Maga and Russian Systema.  However absolutely none of them compare to VDA.  If I had learned this back when I started martial arts I could have saved myself a decade of pointless work.

I have never had the amount of confidence in my fighting ability; I feel like I could take on a platoon of fighters from any style out there along with the world heavyweight UFC champ and of course anyone at my nearest bar.  Now granted I am not exactly going to go out and do any of that stuff but you get my point.

At the end of your dvds you mentioned “you are gonna want to go out and get in fights” and it is amazing but I really did get that feeling…..don’t worry I didn’t actually do that….but hell if there is a fighting method out there that makes you head and shoulders better than anyone else VDA is it.

I have nothing but praises for all of your work Christophe. –Cameron

‘Watched the dvd the other night. All I can say is wow. Nobody can come close to your technology. This is the truth. So advanced. No one is even close.’
–C. Hazel, Ret US Army

“Clugston’s moves are more devastating than anything I ever learned in 10 years of intense military action–including the Falklands War and battling TERRORISTS in Northern Ireland–or in the years Iíve been training US SWAT teams: in high stress, high speed instinctive shooting. This guy is the real thing”
– Dave Smith, Tactical Firearms Instructor,(Bodyguard to people whose names can’t be mentioned) and former Corporal 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, British Army

‘This is razor-edge technology, training and fighting philosophy that takes real fighting to an unparalleled level. No guesswork here. This is easy stuff to learn. Buy and study these and become safe on the street where fighting is terribly real.’
– Bruce Bonnell from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

‘I served with the 7th Special Forces Group as a light weapons Sgt. in the mid to late 70’s and then was with Army Delta at it’s conception. I’ll just say that if you are really concerned about your safety and that of the people you love and don’t want to be a victim, then get this tape and put it to use. Take it from someone who knows the real things when He sees it. CLUGSTON WALKS THE WALK!!!’
– Guy Falkinburg from Abilene, Texas United States

‘Clugston provides some of the most effective material, combined with a unique teaching approach that is unsurpassed. This could be the greatest life-insurance investment you will ever make.’
– Carl Anderson from Indy, Indiana

“There is no way to defend against these moves they are based on simple actions, yet are devastating beyond belief. All of my official training assumes I’ll be armed and backed up, but that’s not always the case. I Have already used it (pre VDA) in the field, I can’t talk about it OFFICIALLY. It works.”
– G. Brittan, Drug Enforcement Agency

I have to say just the VDA dvds are worth their weight in diamonds.

My students require serious skills to Counter Intense Violence.


“This is exactly what I ‘ve been searching for: a practical fighting system that would work in the street. Although I am 60 years old, I have absolute confidence in my ability to handle a confrontation…something that 6 years of formal martial arts never gave me.”
– Dr. John Andrews, Pathologist, Utah

“I grew up with some pretty good street-fighting skills, but I would never use them now when say, I have to serve summons to angry people late at night. It’s just too dangerous in the real world to rely on something that may or may not work. It’s practical’ it’s easy to learn and it works. I ‘ve used it to deter violent criminals and to defuse difficult situations. This is something you can rely on with confidence.”
– Ron Allen Jr. Private Investigator

“I’ve only been exposed to Christophe’s training a short time (videos) and when my house burned down and I caught a looter twice my size stealing stuff, it only took one move to put him down until the cops arrived. This is so simple and easy to learn. It’s amazing!”
– Shel Schoonover, California

“I had trained personally with Christophe a short period of time when a street person tried to bother by car and myself at a bus station. The whole fight lasted maybe 15 seconds, maybe.” (translated from the original Spanish)
– Javier Mingo, school director, Spain

“Very applicable to life situations-techniques that really work.”
– Shane Morin, Black Belt in Karate, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

‘Christophe’s material was very straight forward no nonsense and I really appreciated his honestly about fighting. I look forward to future dealings with Christophe and Matt.’
– Chris Herzog, Judo, Jiu-jitsu and Sambo Instructor, Buffalo N. Y.

‘Every claim made in your ad is absolutely true…simply the most innovative and devastating system of self defense I have ever been exposed to. These would be a bargain at twice the price! Thank you!’
Paul Cramm, Lawrence, KS

‘I could tell Chris knew what he was talking about. He is the only instructor I’ve seen that has a real knowledge of streetfighting. The many techniques also blew me away. They gave me the attributes I was missing and the moves nobody else could show me. I would like to personally thank you and your associates for giving me the knowledge at such a reasonable price. If it had cost 500 dollars it would have still been a huge bargain. When I read your ad, I couldn’t believe it could be true, but everything you claimed was true.’
Ryan, Schaumburg, IL

‘Christophe knows more about Personal Power and Insight than anyone I’ve ever met’ Brandon Cole, Oklahoma

‘Christophe is the Mozart of Self Defense Technology’ M. Gallant, Panama

‘He’s taken the basics of his Best Self Defense technologies and distilled them down so that any normal person (like you or me) can apply these strategies to become the best they can be and in the shortest time imaginable. No more guess work!!!’– L. Horzman, California


My students have used the skills I taught them,

‘I had an incident with another fellow who was faster and much stronger than myself. He walked up and shoved me to the floor. In response, I used Chris Clugston’s “Pop-Up” on this guy, and he went sailing for fifteen feet before he touched the ground. I’m not especially threatening, only 5’9 at 124lbs, I’m not fast, I don’t have much strength, and I’m not violent. However, “Comhrac Bas” ended the incident in less than 3 seconds. I walked away unharmed, while my opponent walked away with a limp that stayed with him for three days. I believe “Comhrac Bas” deserves special praise, its moves are so devastating, and that even the defensive moves can end a fight. When I saw that he was unable to continue the fight, I stopped and walked away. The bad thing is, I only watched Comhrac Bas twice before this happened and never practiced the moves! Thanks.’–Gregory Westerfield, Ft. Drum, NY

‘Wow! That was the best money I’ve ever spent on instruction or equipment in my life. Awesome. The tactics were so simple but so effective. I watched in amazement for the entire time. Chris is the only instructor I’ve seen that has a real knowledge of street fighting. The many techniques also blew me away. They gave me the attributes I was missing and the moves nobody else could show me — at such a reasonable price. If it had cost 500 dollars it would have still been a huge bargain. It was everything you claimed.’ –Ryan Crowe, Schaumburg, IL

‘This is a better investment than buying guns or knives to protect me with and it gives me a calm confidence to face any situation no matter what sick jerk I run into. I want to say thank you.–Steven Bone, Kinmundy, IL

My buddy and I are big fans of Mr. Chris Clugston. His methods are fantastic!–Kevin Crowley, Tewksbury, MA

‘I just feel like he deserves a real shoutout for how his knowledge he shared and showed saved my hide countless times. I’m just an average guy who work a desk job, workout a few times a week but to say I’ve defeated a blood who was attempting to stab me with a knife and scared off him and his 5 friends from actively jumping 2 of my friends to a different situation when two marines tried to fight me at the same time and it’s hard for me to believe it didn’t go well for them. Christophe, you’re the man and I just felt I owed you and wanted to put out the truth about you and your methods and how they can help an average Joe in some tough situations. For anyone considering training with Chris or buying his instructional videos, just do it and try it out. You won’t be disappointed.’–Kevin Watkins, Oklahoma

You are real. Everyone else is living in a fantasy world! My fear is gone!You’ve destroyed it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning various martial arts, but your training replaces and blows away years of idiotic “trial and error” training. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me.”
— Andy McMillen • Pennsylvania


‘I want to recommend to employers who are looking to create a better relationship with their employees to participate in a [Clugston Combat Systems] seminar. It is a great investment for several reasons. First, you and your staff will have a blast! Christophe and Matt are wonderful professionals that are always looking out for your safety. Second, the moves are simple but amazingly powerful. GREAT JOB GUYS!!’

— Dr. Steven O’Brien, Moncton, New Brunswick, who brought his staff to a recent seminar.

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