Our Mindset

Point Blank, we are for those that realize Traditional Martial Arts are outdated and a waste of their valuable time and who clearly need more than what sport fighting has to offer

Clugston Combat Systems is Fluent Fighting

Simply, Clugston Combat Systems is the result of a NEW STRUCTURE which guarantees  Effective, Fluent  Combat. 

Ask yourself: Can you handle Intense Violence?  Unprovoked attacks? Multiple attackers? Weapons?  A Street fight when you can barely see a foot in front of you?  Fighting for your life in the snow or in ankle deep sand?

The Power of Being Fluent in Counter Violence

I’m going to use a comparison here that is very accurate: a combat system (regardless of the environment) is like a language.

How so?

Well, let’s look at the analogy. The more capable you are of using a language the more situations you can easily handle.
If you can only manage “hello,” “how are you?” you cannot begin to do a banking transaction. If all you have managed to learn to say is “where is the train station?” or “how much does that cost?” it doesn’t prepare you to handle a more serious event—like a LIFE and DEATH medical emergency–you need to be fluent for that.

So how to you get fluent? You use a structure specifically designed for Counter Violence and Zero Distance Warfare.

 Clugston Combat Systems  is  sequentially structured to develop combat fluency.


Apply for  our one week Counter Violence course. We absolutely guarantee to prepare you for Intense Violence  in one WEEK**.

In other words: 
The major characteristic of Clugston Combat Systems’ Structure  is efficiency. It is  pragmatic and practical. It is systematic, sequential, and scientific. There is no wasted time, no unnecessary tradition, no ridiculous  movements. Its goal is to make you survive.

In fact, our Combat Structure allows you to fight and protect yourself in just a few training sessions–it actually happens faster than students can believe.

Let me be clear about this exceptional training–a few sessions does not mean achieving total mastery of all the skills and techniques we offer. It does mean, however, having a new level of security, safety and confidence from becoming a victim. You’ll have the know how and confidence to survive Intense Violence.

Counter Violence Training tips:

  1.  Come to a Seminar to be professionally guided  .
  2. Organize a seminar at your location for your friends and others who know the value of this training.
  3. Take personal training to accelerate your skill level
  4. Train with our DVDs.
  5. Find a training partner to practice with.

**See our offer for the special one week of Counter Violence training.

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