Summer 2017 USA Training Tour



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WARNING:  this material is unknown to MMA and Traditional Arts.

Summer 2017 USA Tour

Live Training Opportunities 

Counter Violence Training


Anytime you’re attacked in the 2 foot zone, you have little time to respond.

What do you have hard wired as a response?

That is what will stop you from being killed?  

In these situations: lighting, footing, space, time to think
If you even have to think about it–you’re already dead.

And, remember, Hope is NOT a strategy.

Get the answers to Counter Violence.

Counter Violence Training  details:

  • Learn Counter Violence not sport fighting 
  • Use real blade techniques not theory 
  • Use what works in warfare not in a dojo  
  • Learn Strategy and Tactics unique to Counter Violence 
  • Learn how to enhance your previous training days 
  • Reprogram  from traditional or sport martial arts to the Counter Violence  mindset
  • Connect with other like minded people 
  • Develop new confidence and new personal power  

Do YOU qualify?

  1. Only those that want a serious ability to protect themselves and their families should apply
  2. Ready to step up and commit to pay before the event. First come, first served and numbers will be capped. (Paying at the event incurs an added fee)
  3. Be prepared to be  one of the select to learn Counter Violence.
  4. Committed to the awesome power of new skills and lethal abilities.

Who can Attend:  Anyone 18 years older who is in average physical condition. Complete beginners to experts are welcome (this will be different than what you’ve done before). 


As I said at the beginning, these courses are very limited. So don’t delay. You need to secure your spot NOW!

Your ONE Opportunity To Step Into The Elite, Never Seen World Of Counter Violence training.

Price: Contact clugstondefense @ for private training, small group or seminar costs. 

MY SPECIAL OFFER TO YOU: IF YOU PAY BEFORE 8 JUNE for any training I will give you the 1995 price who else is charging what they did 22 years ago? This is my special offer to you..

No more excuses–you want the best you got the best. Think about it, it’s like getting  a Bugatti for the price of a Ford.



Location:  Arizona

A DEPOSIT IS MANDATORY Payment will be accepted through various methods–contact our e mail clugstondefense at


We are leaders in advanced Counter Violence training and Zero Distance Warfare.