Combat Stick Fighting

Learn the fastest, multi targeting stick method in existence. Don’t worry, it’s not  magic–it only looks like it is.


Skorpion Stick Fighters (Skorpion Combat Eskrima) are the leaders in advanced stick fighting in Zero Distance Warfare (where it’s your life you lose not a match). Skorpion simply has more than any stick/Eskrima/Arnis fighting system you’ve seen.

  1. We can fight with a stick in the tightest and most cramped locations: hallways, alleys, doorways. In ways you’ve never seen.
  2. The system is not limited: we fight from long distance to ultra close distance.
  3. We use technology designed for lethal conditions–not sport.
  4. We have solutions that others don’t have and have never seen.
  5. It’s comprehensive and works both for self defense and military use.

More Info:

Skorpion Combat Eskrima is a blend of the best Eskrima from Cebu, Philippines and select Occidental Methods. It merges aspects of Cebu’s finest, most technical stick fighters with the Zero Distance Warfare of Clugston Combat Systems. This combination makes it highly feared for real world use. And, wholly unique. 

Filipino elements of Skorpion can be found in two documentaries: Eskrimadors and The Bladed Hand. (In fact, the government will not legalize its use for the general public in the Philippines. Their reason: it’s simply “too dangerous” to be given to the general public.)



Real Talk about the Real Fight for the Fight Nerds: the stick is just another dimension to the complete fight.

It does deserve adequate understanding, training and practice to weave it into “The Fray.” Every dynamic changes the fight in a cascading manner. A stick, knife, bolo, sword, etc. share certain underlying physics–but also contain enough intrinsic differences that they  must be expressed through different limitations in use and training. Weight, length, gripping options all radically change the way in which the weapon can be used in defense and offense.


If you try to apply a stick system to a knife or a sword (and vice versa) you will be ignoring intrinsic advantages of blades. You will limit the very idea of total expression and you will not grow. It’s somewhat akin to approaching French, Italian and Spanish: there are underlying connections–but to express yourself and survive you must learn to use French in the environment it comes from–the same with Spanish and Italian. You cannot survive if you try to make Spanish your go to language in France, for example.


What gives the Skorpion Combat Eskrima such IMMENSE power?

It’s the technology.

Simply, all arts are not of equal value. What the sycophantic “martial artists” fail to realize is that technologies are not equal. Now pay attention as I am going to teach you a glaring secret to warfare: There is CLEARLY an advantage to the superior technology (it is not the man above the art). It is NOT a question of the man as much as it’s a question of the technology. Real Warriors (those fighting life and death) have always known this. It’s only the vested interest “martial arts” fanboys of poor technology who are unable to grasp this cold hard fact. In fact,

Superior technology is sine qua non to battle success.


Here is a simple and direct analogy:

Two men who are somewhat similar at their level of marksmanship are armed with two different weapons. One man gets a blunderbuss (muzzle loader)  while the other gets a F.A.M.A. automatic. Who do you think will emerge alive and who do you think will die? And if you try to use some pathetic specious exception “deus ex machina” idea ask your self-deluding mind why no modern military on the planet arms its men with muzzle loaders?

Why we kick their asses:

In the sense of what we are doing–Kali/Arnis are muzzle loaders, compared to our automatic weapons.  If you want to possess this technology, Christophe Clugston gives you the opportunity to be a part of the Skorpion Stick Fighters  and part of the Tiger Clan Weapon Fighters. All you must do is show legitimate interest in learning.

If you are ready to qualify for training with the Skorpion Combat Eskrima Fighters– contact email: clugstondefense at yahoo. com. The Skorpion Stick Fighters are both members of Clugston Combat Systems and the Tiger Clan Weapon Fighters.