The Blue Print: No Fault Learning

Simply the BEST Learning Tool in Existence for Self Defense and Combatives
(and Training/Teaching Self Defense and Combatives) 

If you ever had the slightest interest in using the world’s most advanced methods to protect yourself and teach others how to protect themselves, then this is must reading for you.

Dear Self Defense/Combatives Student:

How would you like the most advanced learning tool to aide you in using what many call the Worlds Best Self Defense technologies? Well, thanks to breakthroughs in learning methods and advances in technology you can now obtain the No Fault Learning technology and not only use it for yourself but use this incredible Power that you will gain to teach others.

I probably am the very first person to talk to you about Insight. Why? Because it is holds IMMENSE POWER

¨Christophe knows more about Personal Power and Insight than anyone I´ve ever met¨ Brandon Cole, Oklahoma

First, I want to tell you a story that will demonstrate the power of insight. 

During Christopher Columbus’ quest for financial backing to find the route to the Far East he ran into many skeptics that doubted his insight and judgment. They were almost capable of derailing his journey across the Atlantic Ocean–because traditional, OLD THINKING patterns said it could not be done. 

After he had found not the Far East but a treasure much greater than that (the New World–the Americas) he ran into one of these same skeptics at a royal function. This skeptic thought little of Columbus´ discovery of the New World. He told those in attendance that it was in fact ¨not such a great discovery¨ as any man could now make the trip to the New World and bring back riches. 

Well Columbus a little dismayed that this man did not understand or respect the power of what he had done, replied–that much may be true NOW. But, before me no one knew how. And it was this how that was the most important power. The skeptic continued to criticize the accomplishment of Columbus. He went further to say that Columbus was not a genius but just a common man that got lucky and who had no true insight. Finally, Columbus tired of this detracting from his accomplishments–he challenged this skeptic to a test. He challenged the skeptic to prove who was the genius, he or the skeptic. 

The skeptic, goaded on by those around him eagerly accepted this test.

To prove just how powerful Insight is Columbus sent to the kitchen and had two eggs retrieved for the challenge. 
Columbus then asked the skeptic to do something very simple: he asked the skeptic to merely make the egg stand on end and stay that way without any help from another object. After several minutes of trying all sorts of gymnastic maneuvers with the egg the skeptic claimed


Now to be sure that the skeptic couldn’t cry foul–Columbus used the same egg that the skeptic had tried to stand on its end. The same egg that the skeptic had failed with. Columbus told those in attendance to watch carefully. He made one little adjustment and then placed the egg on its end—it stood. 
But how? What had radically changed?

Now before I tell you the rest of the story and how Columbus managed to do something that was deemed ¨impossible,¨ I want to tell you that the ease and clarity of self defense is often as difficult as that egg test.

Most People just Don’t Get It. 
Too many people claim that it cannot be done or learned in a simple manner. That it requires years of careful application and incredible dedication. Well, let me tell you–those people are as wrong as the skeptic that doubted the genius and insight of Columbus.

The normal Old World thinking martial artist thinks that after, at least, three years you can become competent in self defense and maybe, maybe you will be able to teach others a THING OR TWO after this three years. Maybe, that is.

Well, that´s an awful lot of down time and a huge investment of your precious time. Think about it: During these three years you are not functionally capable of using Old World solutions to protect yourself or your family–let alone helping others who want to learn how to protect themselves or their families. 

¨Christophe is the Mozart of Self Defense Technology¨ M. Gallant, Panama

So like Columbus 
I did something .

You see my self defense technologies are literally the New World. These processes and technologies didnt exisit back there in the well known Old World. 

Let me tell you a secret: Clinging onto antiquated views of how to train and how to learn will shoot you in the foot. And you will never take one step forward on the miraculous journey to a brand new world. Just as Columbus searched for untold riches, you too will be on a quest to obtain riches in terms of learning ease, time spent, and final outcome. 

Here is what one of my student´s said about this–
¨He´s taken the basics of his Best Self Defense technologies and distilled them down so that any normal person (like you or me) can apply these strategies to become the best they can be and in the shortest time imaginable. No more guess work!!!¨– L. Horzman, California

Believe me, I think there are better things to do in three years than just wait. It is an incredible waste of your PRECIOUS TIME. 

And I won´t waste it. 
I will, in fact, teach you the Blue Print of how to teach others. (You will see why this is so important by the end of this letter.) But right now let me give you some of the specifics that are contained in this two DVD set:

* How to make the Process Work not just for you, but more importantly how to make it work for others

*How to understand the Absolute Necessity for Sequential Technology

*Why Control of Motor Density is Dramatically Important

*How to use Bio Mechanical Drills that one of the Experts know

* How Simple Geometry will give you an Einstienan Advantage over other methods

*The Astounding Power of the S Cubed technology

* The lie about coordination and how it will mislead you and take you astray

You see, quite simply NO FAULT LEARNING TECHNOLOGY is unlike anything that you’ve been exposed to before. This is the MIT and the Yale of self defense educations. Every single facet, every fault, every wrong step is covered and cured. There will be no surprises in teaching the World’s Best Self Defense Technology.

This Technology rose out of the need to Fight All Day long for your very life. This, of course, meant a thorough understanding of energy expenditure and natural vs un-natural movements, deleting energy eating motions and movements. This quite simply is the most detailed, thoroughly analytical approach to saving your life that exists. These are insights as profound as those that Columbus gave to all of us.

Instead of a mass of independent and out of control parts–this technology will train your body to move as a unit. A harmonious cohesive controlled body designed to SURVIVE. 

You will have the tools to place you firmly on the voyage to a incredible New World of self defense riches. And the important thing is that this is not just for YOU it is for every single person that you choose to share this information with. And the incredible part is that as you share your journey you will become just that more adept at teaching. IN fact, you will qualify for WORLD WIDE recognition for teaching our technologies just by following the process as it is described to you on this set of 2 DVDs Comhrac Bas Instructor Series Level 1.

My thinking is that you shouldn´t just be limited to being a student for at least three years (like those Experts will tell you) but that you should be a Teacher.

The one thing that those Experts will agree on (and they hate to say that I am right) is that you never know a subject as well as you do when you must teach it. That’s right–the problem is that those experts are lost–you see they think knowing something means that you can teach it. Sadly that just is not true. 

They miss the one CRUCIAL part of information that keeps them from knowing success.


They just don´t have a process–you see they didn´t even know that there was a blue print to teaching. They were just caught up in the OLD WORLD methods of traditions and following exactly what others did.

But you know that Columbus would’ve never discovered the New World being a slave to OLD THINKING]: 

That’s crazy!!!

If you want this New World of Self Defense Technologies and the sheer Power to Teach it to others–then you must do one simple thing—you must leave behind the OLD WAYS of thinking. Well, sounds great, huh? And its easier than you think. 

But let me get back to the story of Columbus and the skeptic before I fill you in on all of the details of the Instructors Series.
Now we left off with the skeptic being unable to stand the egg on its end–he tried and tried–but his ways of thinking could not solve the problem. Now remember he is the one that called Columbus nothing but a common man–who had NOT done anything great.

Well, Columbus, as I said, took the same egg that the skeptic had failed miserably with and did one little adjustment and easily stood the egg on its end. Everyone saw it–it could not be denied anymore than the fact that he had discovered the New World of Riches.

Well what did he do?

He took the egg and gently cracked it–not enough so that the egg would break completely–just enough to created a dent that would allow the egg to stand on its end. It was a radical solution–that worked.
When he did this the crowd cheered. The skeptic replied with—¨That´s cheating. Anyone can do that.¨

And you know what?

I don´t care what you call it–IT WORKS!

Columbus said the same thing I say about self defense–¨Yes you can do it now–only because I showed you the way. You can follow what I did. You were unable to do it on your own. You would have been here the rest of your life trying to solve the problem–just like I found the route to the New World of riches–you can go there–but only because I went there first and found the way.¨ 

You see–I pioneered this. And it works.
Now it´s even easier for you–as I am giving you the exact

POWER BLUE PRINT for teaching others.
There is no way to defend against these moves–they are based on simple actions, yet are devastating beyond belief. All of my official training assumes I’ll be armed and backed up, but that’s not always the case. I have already used it in the field, I can’t talk about it OFFICIALLY. It works.”
– G. Brittan, Drug Enforcement Agency

Here is a bit of what I cover in this Power Blue Print.

*The simplest and most direct self defense technologies against grabs, chokes, punchs, attacks in close areas and all of the technologies that have made me a leader in this field for 14 years

* Methods to accelerate your body to learn faster

* Exercises that will teach your students to learn faster than they ever thought possible

* Mental reprogramming steps to allow for accelerated learning

*Natural Reaction Lies

*The Forgotten Secret of Dynamic Flexibilty

*How to Overcome the Victim mindset

*How to unlock the Flight, Fright, Freeze no win reactions

And a lot more.
Look, if you know one thing about me or my technologies then you already know that everything works–and it doesn´t take very long to become good.

All you really have to decide is if you would rather be that skeptic? Or you would rather be the smart one with RADICAL INSIGHT, like Columbus?
Of course, if you would rather be stuck without a solution for the rest of your life like the skeptic, I won´t tell anyone.

And now you have the opportunity to learn how to teach others. Look, I will be straight with you–the only way to have learned this PERSONAL POWER was to come to me, take personal training and spend weeks with me. All of this would have cost you in the neighborhood of at least $2,000.00 just for the training (depending on if you were one on one or in a small group–that would be the price for being in a small group, by the way).

ON top of this you would have to travel, stay in a hotel, pay for meals and take time off work.–and what´s that? At least another $1,500.00 (and that´s without renting a car). 

The good news is now you don´t have to do that. I can reach you right there–right where you live. You can use the DVDs as they are designed: An Incredible Resource Tool. The BLUE PRINT is right there with you at all times. You don´t have to try to remember what I told you–you don´t have to go looking for your scribbled notes. You can go over things when you have a spare moment. You save yourself an incredible amount of time doing it this way. Just think how much more time you will have to spend with your family. Think how much more time you can play golf, take violin lessons, go to the movies, go out on a date–whatever it is that you want to do. And you will still be getting PERSONAL POWER–you just have chosen not to do it the OLD WAYS.

For those of you who want to shortcut the learning time and want to be able to shortcut the learning time of others–then this is your ticket on the BULLET TRAIN. 

But you had better get to the doors quickly, you see I have only 700 of these Instructor Series DVDs. And that is for the entire WORLD. That´s a pretty scarce amount for the whole world. That means that you can be 1 of ONLY 700 people that claims this Personal Power as their own. Think about how rare this really is and the DVDs don´t cost a fraction of what it would to train with me in person.

Remember you don´t have to pay for my time, you don´t have to pay for your flight, or your meals, etc.

This is a complete steal at only $140.00 for TWO DVDS.

This technology is worth far more than that as you know. Just the thought of being 1 in 700 people in the WORLD is worth far more than that. You will make back this small investment fast–when you train your own students.
Shipping and handling is $10.00 for anywhere in the WORLD

What are you waiting for?

Use Pay Pal and get ready to increase your Personal Power ten fold.



Christophe Clugston


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