Combat JKD

The Combat JKD Chronicles: the Legendary Exploits


The hidden Combat  JKD sect is finally brought out to the public. Although I mentioned  Combat JKD back in the early 1990s in international magazine articles and then in the ground breaking self-defense tapes Combat JKD (which changed the entire market) I kept  quiet about the details of our branch.


With the birth of Web 2.0 came the onslaught of the wannabe experts, those who were seeking attention on Youtube (and other sites) by stealing others’ work and parroting something they had read–but never done. You see these guys all lacked operational experience. And then came the experts with amateur fight records that amounted to under 10 fights–far from being a professional. Well these frauds tended to back each other up to try to create  an air of reality about themselves. Some people as gurus came and went out of vogue (e.g., Blauer, Furey, etc.) and the hucksters would pretend they knew them and  had improved on them. All the while never able to answer the one direct  question that would reveal true legitimacy “How many times did you fight multiple opponents? How many knife fights have you had? How many fights have you had?


So to create a legacy to the legitimacy of the  little known (but greatly feared) Combat JKD branch I have dedicated this page to the Epic Days of Sagas. Furthermore,  I undertook to reconnect all of the members who were part of it.  This then is a chronicle of those special Lost Boys of JKD.